Alexander the Great

Welcome to the top site on Alexander the Great, so comprehensive it had to be split into two sites:

Site 1: Alexander the Great on the Web

This site contains 1,000 resources about Alexander the Great—from history to the Hollywood movie—sorted, described and rated. I've spent five years searching the web for this stuff, so you don't have to.

Start with Web Biographies or Alexander in Brief for biographies long and short. Army and Battles covers Alexander the military commander. Alexander's Character explores Alexander the individual, including sub-sections on Alexander's sexuality, his religious feelings (chiefly, did he think himself a god?), and so forth. His death and (lost) tomb get their own sections. The rich but troublesome Greek and Latin sources get three sections: about the sources, texts on the web and printed translations.

Site 2: Alexander in Images

This site catalogues some 400 pictures of Alexander, from ancient statues to medieval illuminations to the recent movie. Select from the galleries below:

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Alexander the Great