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If you submit your email to receive one of our newsletters or updates.

Your email will not be used for any other purpose and will neverbe sold, given or otherwise communicated to a third party. No user will receive more than one newsletter or update per month, excepting gross miscommunication or technical error.

If you submit a notice to a bulletin board.

Notices submitted to an Isidore of Seville discussion board are posted publically. Discussion boards information is not used by the site in any way, nor are the boards reviewed systematically or regularly. Messages of an offensive, illegal or even impolite nature will be deleted if notice is given to [email protected].

If you are a child.

Please check with your parent or guardian before explorig the site. Although the site contains nothing pornographic or illegal certain subsites portions are geared to adult scholarship and discussion of history, literature and culture; these will probably bore you anyway. Check with your parent or guardian before submitting any information to Isidore of Seville.

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Act (see here) we hereby state:

1. Contact information. The operator, Tim Spalding, resides at 223 Saint Paul Street, Brookline MA 02446; phone 617 738-4518; email [email protected].

2. Information collected. The only information collected from children are (1) their email adresses, if submitted; (2) the site they're interested in receiving email updates on; (3) such information as they post to the discusion board(s). Simple cookies are sometimes placed in the user's browser to maintain state between pages. This information is not tracked or aggregated in any way, and the site will function with cookies turned off or refused.

3. How information is used. The email information is used to send occasional updates on the site (never more than one per month). Discussion board data is not used per se. Information is not shared with third parties, except publically-available discussion board content (see above).

4. We will not ask the disclosure of information beyond what is necessary for the site.

5. Parents can take their kids off our mailing list or request that a dicussion-board message be deleted by emailing [email protected]. All mailing list newsletters include directions on how to be removed from the mailing list.

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