Welcome to Giraffe Central, a guide and web directory to Giraffes, the tallest animal on earth. On this site you will find over 200 links to zoos, articles, images, fact sheets, stuffed animals, even poems and songs about the giraffe. I've also turned the 100+ best giraffe pictures on the web into clickable thumbnails.

What information is on this site?

General Information delivers the encyclopedia entries, fact sheets and other species information.

Zoo Fact Sheets are the sheets that zoos put together about the giraffe. There are so very many of them online that they've been given their own section. The relative merits and interests of the sheets are described.

Giraffe Topics contains information on Giraffe Classification, Conservation, Reproduction the giraffe's only living relative, the Okapi, and other important subtopics. This section also includes all the academic articles I found online.

Thumbnail Image Galleries contains over 100 of the best giraffe pictures on the web, reduced to thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to jump to the website that hosts the image at full size. The images was not made "automatically," they were picked because they're good.

Photographs, Webcams and Video presents moving and still giraffe images with textual description instead of thumbnails. Includes "giraffe-cams."

Younger Kids (K-6) presents games and quizzes, coloring sheets and children's books for the primary school crowd.

Giraffe Merchandise showcases the ties, stuffed animals and soap dispensers I found online.

Inspired by Giraffes holds odd bits of cultural froth, poems, songs, stories and novels somehow inspired by giraffe.

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Tim Spalding
Brookline, MA (USA)

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