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Welcome to D-Day on the Web, a comprehensive guide and web directory to the the allied invasion of Normandy begun on June 6, 1944.

On this site you will find historical essays, images, personal accounts and other sites pertaining to D-Day, evaluated and sorted for your convenience. All together I have included some 200 sites, organized into eleven categories and numerous subcategories. For instance, I have found and catalogued some 32 personal accounts from infantrymen, paratroopers, pilots and sailors -- far more than is available on any single site. The Saving Private Ryan section juxtaposes clips and stills from the movie with reviews and analyses. My hope is that, with your help, I can bring some sort of order to the enormous quantity of information out there about this most important of events.

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The Structure of this Site

D-Day sites generally offer visitors a number of features such as text, images and maps and touch on a number of subjects. Rather than present the same sites in multiple categories I have generally attempted to determine what features best represent what a site has to offer. Most of the categories are self-description. I have, however, cramed a large number of subjects into "Individual Topics," viz.

Planning and Preparation | The Landing | Airborne Assault | Air Power | Naval Support | La Fiere Bridge | Breakout and the Battle for France | Higgins Boat (LCVP) | Contemporaneous Press and Radio | Miscellaneous

Contact me

This is a continuing project and is neither complete nor perfect. If you have a site to add, a correction to make or a comment to communicate please email me at [email protected].

In the near future I will be offering a discussion board.

Thank you,

Tim Spalding
Brookline, MA (USA)

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