Awful Green Things from Outer Space. The ultimate collection of AGTFOS resources.


Welcome to the "ultimate page" on Awful Green Things from Outer Space, one of my favorite two-player games. AGTFOS, as it is affectionately known, was created by game-designer and cartoonist Tom Wham. It appeared first as a insert to Dragon Magazine in1980, followed by a boxed edition from TSR and popular mini and full-sized editions by Steve Jackson Games. It is, I believe, currently out of print, although I have collected some links to places where copies, mostly used, can be obtained.

This page contains everything about AGTFOS I can find on the web, together with some tips of my own. I plan to keep this site updated with whatever I can find or are given. New entries are marked . Email comments and links to [email protected].

Tim Spalding

Awful Green Things from Outer Space is © 1980-1994 by Tom Wham and is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Unique web material © 1997-2003 Tim Spalding. 

A. General

Steve Jackson games official site.
eGroups: AGTFOS play-by-email discussion group. Seemingly dormant.

B. Optional rules and rules questions

"Revenge of the Awful Green Things" Optional rules by Tom Rhoads and James Sterret. Also available here (text-only).
New, optional rules by Brian Bergh Bjerregaard Jensen. Rules about extra-Znutar activity and the robot.
Official rules for Jet Suits, Cargo Movers,Sticky-foot Pressure Suits, etc. Published in Dragon Magazine,
Rules question (movement and ranged weapons) question solved. Official rule-clarification from Steve Jackson Games site.

C. Reviews

Review of Awful Green Things by Steffan O'Sullivan.
Review by Michael Debije. "A fun two-player game with enough strategy to keep hard-core gamers interested, but not too tough for my wife to have fun blasting away at the Things with her fire extinguisher." Courtesy
Review by "EDG" from RPG net.

C. Tom Wham - Author

Illustrator/Author Tom Wham's homepage. Filled with cute drawings. Visit his AGTFOS page.
Play the Znutar epilogue online! Filled with great new cartoons. Courtesy Tom Wham's homepage.
A comprehensive Tom Wham gameography by Paul Gyugyi.

E. Where to find copies and gamers

Steve Jackson Games' GameFinder lists dealers and matches people interested in playing the game.
The Dragon's Trove.
Ebay: Dragon Magazine AGTFOS supplement.

F. Other

Picture of the original cover. Containing page missing.