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Sintra on the Web

This site is devoted to Sintra, Portugal, my favorite place in Portgual, and one of the most remarkable places I've visited.

In honor of Sintra, I have assembled 370 resources about Sintra. These include a thumbnail gallery of some 225 photographs, and a web directory of 150 links about Sintra. The web directory contains general resources, information on Sintra's sights, tourist services, travelogues and Sintra's storied literary connections. I've also added my own personal photos, including a huge and detailed gallery of photos of the Quinta da Regaleira, the strangest, most enchanting tourist site in Portugal, together with an essay, The Quinta da Regaleira: An Appreciation.

Picture Galleries

I assembled these thumbnail galleries from the photographs of tourists and professional photographers all over the web. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to their site.

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