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Dragons in Art and on the Web

This site holds 1,800 resources about dragons including pictures of dragons of every imaginable type, and links to the best dragon websites.

Dragons on the Web

This site links to over 400 web sites, a large chunk of what's on the web. It includes dragon legends, dragons in literature and movies, and much more. (The left-hand bar has a complete list.)

Pictures of Dragons (over 1,470 pictures)

This website provides over 1,470 pictures of dragons, a sort of "history of art through dragons"—anyway, a lot of pictures. They are everything I could find, from medieval manuscripts to fantasy art, presented in thumbnails with links to the original artists and websites.

Get Involved!

This site tries to catalogue as much of the web's dragon art as possible. For that, I'm going to need help? Know of dragon art I missed? Did you just finish a new dragon? Send me the URL and I'll be sure to list you and your art. Email me at [email protected].

Add yourself to my Dragons list, and get an update when features are added. You'll never get more than one email per month, I promise!

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