Hammerhead Shark!
Hammerhead Shark!

Welcome to Hammerhead Shark! a comprehensive guide and web directory to hammerhead sharks. This site collects, annotates and sorts more than 200 resources.

Some highlights

Start with General Info or, better, Hammerhead Species. Photographs has thumbnails of the best hammerhead photos from all over the web. Maps,drawings, even hammerhead tattoos are at Other Images.

Why the funny head? answers that burning (and not entirely solved) question. Other Topics covers classification, conservation, behavior and so forth. Educational Resources includes lesson plans for teachers, books for kids, and some of my favorite school reports.

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This is everything I could find on the web. But there must be more. Do you know of any more? Email me at [email protected].

Enjoy the site!

Tim Spalding
Portland, Maine

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