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Duels and Dueling on the Web

Welcome to Duels and Dueling on the Web, a comprehensive guide and web directory to pistol and sword dueling in history, literature and film. On this site you will find over 175 links,sorted, described and evaluated for your convenience and pleasure. The Dueling in America section is particularly rich, with over 55 links, not including sections on the Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr duel and on the first-duelist himself, Andrew Jackson.

I have developed this as an alternative to searches that turn up far more pages about "Dueling Cell Phones," etc. than dueling gentlemen. A discussion board is now available!

Although I've found much that's hard to find, I am anxious to make this page as complete as possible. I am, for example, still weak on sword duels. Site suggestionsas well as comments, corrections, etc. should be sent to [email protected].

Hope you enjoy it,

Tim Spalding

PS: Dueling, is also spelled "duelling," duelist "duellist," etc. (This sentence helps the search engines, so sue me.)

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Illustration by H.L. Stephens from Down the river; or, Practical lessons under the code duello by George W. Hooper (1874) available in Dueling in America: Primary Sources.

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