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This site has more than 600 resources about the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece also known as the Gioconda or Joconde. It holds thumbnail galleries of 450 parodies, redos, versions and vanalisms of the Mona Lisa, together with 150 other resources, including histories, accounts of the theft and analyses of its incomparable place in world consciousness.

Art Galleries (475 pictures)

I scoured the web for every picture based on or related to the Mona Lisa. Caution: Many parodies add "adult" (actually quite juvenile) details, or address adult issues.

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Mona Lisa Resources

Start with About the Mona Lisa. Expand to "Hot Topics", such as her smile and the great 1911 theft, and Art Discussion for art-historical concerns. Flash movies, games and quizzes are found under Mona Lisa Fun, and there's a special Kids (K-6) section as well. See the left bar for more topics.

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