Flying Squirrel

Welcome to Flying Squirrel Central, a guide and web directory to the many species of flying squirrels. Here you'll find over 150 links to species data, photographs, distribution maps, pet info—even stuffed animals and poems. The idea is to collect everything about flying squirrels, sort it and review it.

What information is on this site?

General Information gives non-species specific information. Much of the meat, however, comes in the North American Flying Squirrels section, which covers the Northern and Southern Flying Squirrels of the US and Canada. A much wider range of species can be found in Asian and Other Flying Squirrels. There you'll meet such gliders as the Giant Flying Squirrel, the enormous and rare Wooly Flying Squirrel and even information on Marsupial Flying Squirrels, unrelated to placental flying squirrels, but an amazing case of convergent evolution.

imagesThumbnail Image Gallery contains over 100 of the best images on the web. Click on a thumbnail to jump to it. The images was not made "automatically"; they were picked because they're good.

Photographs and Drawings has images of flying squirrels—from action shots to pictures of squirrel babies.

Squirrels as Pets sports debate, discussion and tips on squirrel-keeping.

Younger Kids selects some resources best for the K–6 set.

Special topics includes sections on Classification, Squirrel rescue and even Keeping squirrels out!

The Academic section has research papers from all over the world. Flying Squirrel Merchandise has stuffed animals and dog-frisbees. (My dog is still getting over the fact that "rabbits" in America climb trees; flying "rabbits" would probably precipitate a nervous breakdown.) Lastly, "Inspired by the Flying Squirrel" houses any poems, music, inspirational material, and so forth I find.

Lastly, Top 5% is my selection of the best 5% of sites about flying squirrels. And if you come here often, check out the new additions page.

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