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Alexander's Tomb

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General discussion

Web Archive: The Tomb of Alexander the Great by Harry E. Tzalas. Multiple pages with text, images, footnotes. Includes a run-down of sources mentioning the tomb. A first-rate job. Top 5%

"The Elusive Tomb of Alexander" Two articles by Robert S. Bianchi, from the Alexander on Archaeology (magazine) gateway. The first (1993) article is a general story, the second (1995) deflates Souvaltzi's odd efforts.[1]

"Alexander: The Great Mystery" by T. Peter Limber, Saudi Aramco World (May/June 2001), a good review of Alexander's death, the ancient evidence, and the history of the debate (to 2001). Also includes an excellent smaller article (placed in a side-bar?), "Dead Kings Are Hard to Find" by Alexander-historian Frank Holt. Top 5% Alexander's Burial. Brief summary by Thomas William-Powlett.

Web Archive: The Search for Alexander's Tomb by Elizabeth Kosmetatou. (Associated with site above.)

"In conclusion then, there is ample reliable evidence to suggest that Alexander was in fact laid to rest in Alexandria. There are reports on the location of the tomb and on its visitors from the Hellenistic to the Late Roman period. Some of these authors, like Diodoros and Strabo, visited the tomb themselves. No ancient source suggests that Alexander was ever buried at the Ammoneion of the Libyan desert in modern-day Siwa. To argue otherwise and initiate endless speculation based on no evidence whatsoever, is only counter-productive."

Is Alexander's in Venice?

Amazon. The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great by Andrew Chugg.

"Does The Tomb of St Mark In Venice Really Contain The Bones Of Alexander the Great?" by Jonathan Thompson and Nicholas Pyke, The Independent (June 16, 2004). Cartledge and Doherty are cautiously optimistic. Robin Lane Fox opines "It's very charming, but it's slightly stale buns," he said. Also found here, and here (with subscription).

Audio: BBC Radio 4: "Today" show, June 2004 interview between Andrew Chugg and Robin Lan Fox, who pooh-poohs the notion:

"Alexander's repuation spreads between both the fictional romance and real history, and Andrew Chugg's very cautious presentation of this theory is the most gorgeous romance. I've only read his article his article, we haven't read the great book yet, and of course all theories are welcome, but I think this one is completely impossible."
Fox is great, and even manages to plug the film. Top 5%

Is Alexander in Siwa?

The ultimate "it wasn't Alexander's tomb" page with the first convincing explanation why someone would do something so stupid.

Glowing but hateful review of Liana Souvaltzi's book The Tomb Of Alexander The Great At The Siwa Oasis from the rabid Greek nationalists—and anti-semitic[2]—at the "Greco Report."

"Is it possible that Greeks could 'hate' a Greek women who is working hard to glorify Greece and bring world-wide attention to the civilizing power of Alexander's liberating conquests? Can this be true? Yes, dear reader, Hate! ... To understand the source of this hatred it is important to know that Hellas today is ruled by an 'alien' element inimical to Hellas and Hellenism. An element that joyfully carries out its orders from its foreign bosses to undermine anything that unites the Greeks."
here. I also

"Proofs Regarding the Tomb of Alexander the Great at Siwa Oasis" by Angelos Papaiounnou. Author, said to be a "professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Athens," supports Souvaltzi's nutty, discredited theories. (Also at "the Greco Report.")

Tidbit on the "discovery" of Alexander's tomb.

"Egypt Clamps Down on Independent Archaeology" (search for "Souvaltzi"), newsbrief from Atlantis Rising, nuts.

Is Alexander in Illinois?

Web Archive: Where is Alexander the Great buried? Illinois of course! Top 5%

Web Archive: Were Alexander and Cleopatra buried in Burrows Cave, Illinois? Not unless pigs can fly! (The author, a model of scholarly restraint, believes the cave to contain Carthaginian pirate loot.) Top 5%

Is Alexander in Japan?

Japan. Yes, really. Japanese author Masanori Takane wrote a book entitled Alexander the Great Died in Japan:

"… that the Macedonian marvel didn't die in 326 BC [SIC!] as is generally presumed, but instead faked his demise and headed to Japan, where he became the Emperor who founded Shikoku."
As David Meadows' "Explorator" list says, "You've got to read this whole thing ... you really do."


Psychics try to find Alexander's tomb. We wish them luck.

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