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1911 Catholic Encyclopedia lists the references to Alexander, and shows a comforting lack of interest in "bible prophecies," etc.

PDF: "Alexander the Great" by W. B. Godbey, revivalist pamphlet (1911 or 1912).

Web Archive: Alexander a "A 'National' precursor of Christ" by former Minister Nicolas Martis, April 1997. Christian nationalism, a revolting idea. Top 5%

Alexander the Great in Prophecy (Daily Bible Society). Interpretation of Daniel. Also here.

Ecumenism—Then and Now by Noel Smith. Thoughts from the bigots at Bob Jones University. Devolves into an attack on Philo. (It's amazing they'd heard of him.)

The Destruction Of Tyre by David Padfield (Zion, IL). Concludes:

"True to Ezekiel's prophecy, the mainland city of Tyre has never been rebuilt (Ezek. 26:14)."
Padfield must have read some old book on the topic, Tyre (Sur) is now (2004) a city of some 118,500 souls.

Alexander and the soldier named "Alexander" retold by Daily Wisdom. Also here.

Jays Web Magazine lunatic commentary on Daniel. See his main page for rants about universal bar codes, Y2K, El-Nino and asteriods.

Web Archive: Jesus or Alexander? Sermon from the Cedar Park, Washington, Assembly of God. Do we have to choose?


Jewish Encyclopedia: Alexander the Great by Isaac Broydé, Kaufmann Kohler and Israel Lévi from the 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia. Excellent article covering the Jerusalem narrative and other legends associated with the conqueror. Top 5%

Alexander in the Talmud from Top 5%

Alexander Bows to the High Priest. From "Living with Moschiach" (the late Rabbi Schneerson's outfit).


Summary: The debate is about whether the Koran mentions Alexander, and if so whether the Koran's divine veracity is thrown into question by fabulous details. The Holy Koran. Summary by Nick Wellman.

Alexander is not Zul-Qarnain: "Why Zul-Qarnain of the Qur'an is not Alexander the great?" by Khalid Jan. Author finds differences between the Koranic account with modern historical writing. It would have been more interesting if he had looked at the legendary material which is, to my mind, conclusive. Also available here.

The Koranic passage under dispute (18.83 ff.) from the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library.

Response by Jochen Katz. Alexander is and this proves the Koran is bunk. Selection:

"And because the Qur'an presents the material from the legends as if this were history, it shows that Muhammad could not distinguish between legends and history when he incorporated this material in the Qur'an." [ouch!]

More debate .

Even more debate .

French page on Alexander and the Koran.


soc.religion.bahai: Baha'is discuss Alexander the Great — all threads. This is the ultimate multi-lateral conversation. Baha'ism is already something of a mixture of religious thinking, and the internet adds new factors, eg., scholarship and homosexual consciousness. By and large, the soc.religion.bahai members are both respectful and diligent in their efforts to reconcile a complex tradition. Top 5%

soc.religion.bahai: Thread: Help for Gay Baha'is (1997), with discussion of Alexander the Great's homosexuality. One correspondent writes:

"According to the Quran Alexander the Great is a prophet. Most historians agree that he is either gay or at least bi."

soc.religion.bahai: Very perceptive discussion of Abdu'l-Baha (founder of Bahaism)'s comments on Alexander by William Cassady.

"My point is that the Qur'an liked Alexander, and Abdu'l-Baha didn't — but what patriotic Iranian should like Alexander? I don't blame Abdu'l-Baha for this. "
See the whole thread for replies by Steve Burgess and Darren Hiebert. Top 5%

soc.religion.bahai: "Alexander... once and for all" D. Povey disputes the notion.

soc.religion.bahai: Discussion of the Koranic passage on Alexander and it's immediate context.

soc.religion.bahai: Alexander the Great (1997) thread.

New Age

The Crystal Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great. Psychic directions to this, um, famed relic.

Psychics try to find Alexander's tomb. We wish them luck.


A Brief History of Religious Sex. Quotes Curtius on Babylonian prostitution.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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Wiki Classical Dictionary, currently focused on Alexander

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