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In many ways, this is my favorite category. Most of the stuff here is junk, either because it retails stupid ideas (e.g. Alexander was buried in Illinois) or because it is peripheral to the study of Alexander (e.g. he had dandruff). The only use of such material is in assessing Alexander's role in popular (and unpopular) culture. It says something that people have worked up Alexander "foundation myths" for numerous dog breeds. It doesn't matter that Alexander could not have introduced the Entelbucher to the "Roman nobility." Just as in antiquity people made up stories about him.

Some of this stuff isn't junk, it's just extremely miscellaneous.

Foundation of Alexandria | Kafir-Kalash controversy | Diseases and conditions | Dog breeds | Foods, etc. Alexander discovered | Nutcases | Humor | Miscellaneous miscellaneous-es | Links to Alexander resources

Foundation of Alexandria

Alexander the Great: the foundation of Alexandria. The scoop, from Jona Lendering's biography. Top 5%

The Founding of Alexandria by Alaa K. Ashmawy.

Kafir-Kalash controversy

"An Introduction to the Kalasha People in Chitral" by Jun Maruyama. Rightly dismissive of links to Alexander's army. Nice maps and general layout. Associated with "The Site Shara: The Forum for the Kalasha and Chitrali People," a comprehensive site.

Web Archive: The Korea Times thinks they're Alexander's descendants. Well, that settles it!

Web Archive: "Letter from Bumboret: Kalash: The Afghan 'Greeks'" by Spyros Payiatakis, eKathimerini (September 2001)

Web Archive: "In Search of the Macedonians of Pakistan" by Michael A. Dimitri. Author is Macedonian (Skopje). One wonders if he met any of the Greeks who are trying to claim them too.

Web Archive: Pakistani page on tourism in the Northwest Frontier Province (with info on the Kafir-Kalash). Tread warily.

Diseases and conditions

Leprosy Throughout the Ages. Did Alexander bring leprosy from India? He was not, however, responsible for the armadillo leprosy.

Famous epileptics.

"Did Alexander have dandruff?" (A: "Yes - everybody has dandruff"). The genius complains that some "tedious respondent" consulted an ancient historian who replied:

"Tell your questioner that it's very unlikely that the Gross Alex had dandruff since the Greeks used oil, not soap, as shampoo and dandruff comes from dry skin on the scalp (or soap buildup)."

Dog breeds

The Entelbucher was apparently introduced to the "Roman nobility by Alexander the Great." Was this part of his "Last Plans"?

Another dog breed, the "Neapolitan Mastiff," allegedly admired by Alexander. The Mining Company / (who steal regularly from here) think this is important.

More on the Neapolitan Mastiff. Apparently, Alexander spent his time cross-breeding dogs.

Web Archive: More bad scholarship about dogs (this time the St. Bernard).

The Afghan Hound's breed-history was destroyed by Alexander and Genghis Khan. Perhaps these were the contents of the "Egyptian libraries" Alexander burned.

Web Archive: Alexander was a cat-hater because "we only know the name of his dog."

Foods, etc. Alexander discovered

Banana facts. There are actually a lot of these sites, believe it or not.


Web Archive: Licorice. "Alexander supplied his supplied his troops with licorice sticks." (another one of the Last Plans).


More on apricots from Natural Armenia. (Wait, he didn't get to Armenia! Drat, Eumenes loses credit again!)


I'm sad to see these sites go dead, as they invariably do. I guess that people who think Alexander used germ warfare against—I could give you a thousand years and you'd never guess—Tamerlane have as much trouble holding their sites together as their minds.

The author of this page has a Renaissance printing of the Alexander Romance. He believes himself to have the only copy of a lost work of vital spiritual interest. He's published a translation of sorts, including "Alexander as a Boy" . Search on this page for "Author`s opinions and notes," explaining his find.

Web Archive: "Are extra, terrestrials the cause for violence and unrest in Sri Lanka." Ps-Callisthenes described aliens! Search for Alexander.

Web Archive: Alexander and "Purple Haze". Ruminations on Hendrix, Alexander and the Antichrist.

Gobbledygook on Alexandria appended to the poetry of "Vercingetorix" ("presented by Boudicca"). Wouldn't you know... she's afraid of the Federal Reserve.


The old, terrible Alexander's Rag-time Band Joke . Graphics have been enhanced. Humor remains dumb.

Miscellaneous miscellaneous-es

Abstract: "The Forgotten Realm of Alexander" by Kristin M. Romey, Archaeology (November/December 2004), on Alexander in Sogdiana. My favorite part? When they plug my website!

Alexander's Towns and Modern Names a simple, useful list compiled by T. Harrington (Virginia Tech.). There's no scholarly apparatus here, but most of them are solid. Top 5%

The Order of Alexander the Great .

"The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science honors the Spirit and the positive deeds of Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) for the advancement of mankind and the remembrance of the outstanding figures who, as Kings, Emperors, Popes, political leaders, scientists and artists, carried forth his goals."

Web Archive: David Wolfe, "World's Foremost Promoter of the Raw Food Diet" retells Alexander's helmet-of-water gesture.

Some sort of (high-school?) course on Alexander. Parts broken.

Alexander the Great's World Tour. Alexander with an electric guitar. Pretty funny.

Audio: What If... Alexander the Great had gone West not East? April 2003 BBC segment by Cambridge University prof. Christopher Andrew. Andrew does a new topic each week, trying out the consequences of topics as diverse as an Axis-occupied Britain and (shudder) the non-notariety of the Marquis de Sade!

Note: I'd put this in some good category, and probably give it a 5% if I could just get the damn thing to play.

Thom Stark attacks Olympics host Bob Costas for ignorant pronoucements on Greek history and mythology, including Alexander the Great. My favorite was Costas' sage response to the black and white leotarded "Geometric Age" figures grooveing by—listing the greats of Greek geometry. �Uy!

"Who Wants to be a Millionaire"-style Alexander quiz. Good implementation, although you can't use Badian as a lifeline.

Alexander quotations to make you more creative. Alexander did not talk about faith, hope and charity.

How to pronounce Alexandros . Don't put the AccENT on the wrong syllABle.


"Extra hated general"
"Axed the rare tangle"

Photograph of a guy dressed up as Alexander the Great.

Web Archive: The Gulf War and Alexander the Great. Dated.

Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. Elaborate chart, based on false notion.

Links to Alexander resources

Gloria Floren's Alexander links.

Konrad Kinzl's course page.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.

Alte Geschichte. (German)

"Alexander on the Web" from Alexander on Archaeology (magazine) gateway. Highlights this site ("This is probably the best Alexander site"), Pothos, Livius, Knox's bio and the "Footsteps" site.

Providence College Links. Alexander and ancient history. Not many links but good commentary on them. Many dead.

The "House of Ptolemy." Alexander and Hellenistic links.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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Wiki Classical Dictionary, currently focused on Alexander

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