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"Alexander The Great and the Poplar (anti-hero)" by Diana Spencer, on Alexander's image through time.

"Alexander's Patrius Sermo in the Philotas Affair" by Elias Kapetanopoulos, published in The Ancient World (1999).

"Alexander's Epic March" (review of Wood's documentary) by E. Borza in Archaeology v. 51 n. 3 May/June 1998. Full text now online.

"Except for suggesting some alternate routes, the film does not contribute much to traditional scholarship on Alexander. On an artistic level, however, it is a major achievement that will enrich both scholars and the general public. With stunning images of parts of the world rarely seen by Western eyes, Wood conveys a sense of the extraordinary distances and dramatic campaigns in the difficult country through which Alexander led his army. No book or film has ever before so persuasively conveyed this message." Top 5%

"The Hellenistic Period in World History" By Stanley M. Burstein. A brief history masquerading as a "pamphlet." Go to and print!

"Who Were (and Are) the Macedonians?" by Eugene Borza (APA 1996). The original APA page died, but Macedonian nationalists copied it and put it up on their own. Borza's opinions are, however, somewhat double-edged.

"I shall conclude with a summary showing how the present conflict between Greeks and Macedonians in the Balkans is characterized by both sides reaching back to antiquity to provide an often false historical basis to justify their respective modem positions."

"The Dating of the Coinage of Alexander the Great" by Zoe Sophia Kontes, either a student or a faculty paper from the Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World.

"Greeks and Macedonians" by E. Badian, Studies in the History of Art 10 (National Gallery of Art). Top 5%

PDF: "Alexandre en Perse: la revanche et l'empire" by M. B. Hatzopoulos, ZPE 1997.

"Les vicissitudes de l'imitatio Alexandri" by Celine Marquaille. Extremely long article or perhaps undergraduate thesis. All I know is that Celine Marquaille is working on a MPhil on "The External Image of the Ptolemies" for King's College.

Web Archive: "Bosworth's Alexander: A Review Discussion" by Victor Parker, University of Canterbury (Paper given at the 1997 NZACT Conference)

"Cultural Fictions and Cultural Identity" by Erich S. Gruen. APA Presidential Address, with discussion of Alexander in Jerusalem.

"«Non scriviamo storie, ma vite» (Plut., Alex 1. 2): la formula biografica di Plutarco" by Paolo Desideri, Arachnion 3.

Editorial comment: I can't stop laughing at the automatic translation of the title. I won't give it away. Find out yourself.

Web Archive: "A Mysterious Death," The New England Journal of Medicine (v. 338 n. 24) by Borza and Drs. Oldach and Benitez. Now requires paid subscription.

Letter in reply to "A Mysterious Death" by Dr. S.D. Moulopoulos and others, with a reply to the replies by the authors getting at the source-critical problems. Top 5%

"Differential Equations: On Constructing the Other" 1992 Arizona State University Lecture in Religion 1992, by Jonathan Z. Smith. Much about the Alexander Romance account of the foundation of Alexandria. (Investigating the pedigree of the story might change his argument a bit.)

Academic abstracts

"Two Horns, Three Religions: How Alexander the Great ended up in the Quran" by Rebecca Edwards (2002 APA abstract)

"The popularity of the legend ofAlexander the Great proves that these cultures share a history which suggests that perhaps they are not so different after all."

"Plutarch's Alexander and Philosophia" by Sulochana Ruth Asirvatham (1999 APA abstract)

"A psychoanalytic study of Alexander the Great" by K. R. Thomas (Wisconsin at Madison). Detailed abstract of article in Psychoanal. Rev. (1995). Alexander "analyzed from a Freudian psychoanalytic perspective."

"The wounding of Alexander the Great in Cyropolis (329 BC): the first reported case of the syndrome of transient cortical blindness?" by J. Lascaratos (Medical School, Athens). Detailed abstract of article in Surv Ophthalmol (1997).

"Did Alexander the Great die of acute pancreatitis?" by C. N. Sbarounis (University of Thessaloniki). Detailed abstract of article in J Clin Gastroenterol 1997.

"Ambiguity and the image of the king" by R. T. Mack (History of Art, UC Berkeley). Detailed abstract of article in J Homosex 1984.

"The efficacy of medicine during the campaigns of Alexander the Great" by R. J. Ruffin (History, University of Virginia). Detailed abstract of article in Mil Med 1992.

"The Macedonians in the Historical Imagination of the Second Sophistic" by Sulochana Ruth Asirvatham (1999 APA abstract)

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