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I thought it would be a good idea to collect these together somewhere.

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Audio: What If... Alexander the Great had gone West not East? April 2003 BBC segment by Cambridge University prof. Christopher Andrew. Andrew does a new topic each week, trying out the consequences of topics as diverse as an Axis-occupied Britain and (shudder) the non-notariety of the Marquis de Sade!

Audio: BBC: "Midweek" interview with Robin Lane Fox, David Sedaris and Dr. Susan Whitfield, a Silk Road researcher (May 5, 2004). Yes, all three are at the microphone. Unfortunately, after an intro, it's Fox pretty much alone. He's quite a riot, particularly on the decline of Greek and The Passion.

Audio: NPR: Weekend Edition Sunday Interview with Michael Wood (May 3, 1998)

Audio: BBC Radio 4: "Today" show, June 2004 interview between Andrew Chugg and Robin Lan Fox, who pooh-poohs the notion:

"Alexander's repuation spreads between both the fictional romance and real history, and Andrew Chugg's very cautious presentation of this theory is the most gorgeous romance. I've only read his article his article, we haven't read the great book yet, and of course all theories are welcome, but I think this one is completely impossible."
Fox is great, and even manages to plug the film.

Audio: NPR, Fresh Air: Review by David Edelstein. Lengthy review labels it "a mess, a botch, a non-event ... puny and fragmented." I like his description of Ptolemy "can't quite get a handle on how to tell Alexander's story. Neither can Stone and his co-screenwriters." Edelstein falls hard for Jolie's performance.

Audio: NPR, Morning Edition: "'Alexander' Not So Great" Kenneth Turan bemoans "an indifferent epic" with "nothing fresh."

Audio: NPR, All Things Considered: "Plumbing the Accuracy of 'Alexander'" interview with Princeton Classics prof. Daniel Mendelsohn (November 23, 2004). Mendelsohn, rather harshly, gives it a C for accuracy and calls it a "stinker" of a movie.


Video: This video clip shows it to be very much adapted for children.

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