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Awards and Links to Me

Awards | Links to Me


Web Archive: Perseus Award (December 1999).

Links to Me

Academic Review of the House of Ptolemy website by Marjorie Venit (in BMERR) also mentions my site:

" astounding collection of links to over 750 pages about Alexander that, according to the web master whose acerbic comments greatly increase the visitor's enjoyment 'vary widely in scholarship and beauty, [although] the general level of both is quite low'. Aside from the really bizarre (see, e.g., the section on Religion) and despite Spalding's cynicism, the site yields much of interest for academics."

Web Archive: Alejandro Magno: mito y realidad en la Red. Review of Alexander studies on the web, including a very long and mostly favorable review of my site. Found on "Estrella Digita," a Spanish-language webzine.

"Alexander on the Web" from Alexander on Archaeology (magazine) gateway. Highlights this site ("This is probably the best Alexander site"), Pothos, Livius, Knox's bio and the "Footsteps" site.

The Ancient World Web (" I like the occasional sharp meta-comments") . The editor of this section (N. S. Gill) has a nice newsletter on ancient history. She says:

"Other pages on this site show images of Alexander through the ages. This page contains more than a dozen maps related to Alexander, his campaigns, and Macedonia."

The Tom and Nan Riley Collection of Roman Portrait Sculptures . "Alexander the Great on the Web: (formerly Alexanderama) a strong candidate for the most complete of many good Alexander sites on the Web."

Humbul Humanities Hub (University of Oxford). Description by Thomas Kiely.

"The source, nature and quality of many of these links are highly varied though this partly reflects one of the chief aims of the site, namely to explore the popularity of the myth of Alexander as much as to establish the 'true' nature of the historical individual. Some commentary is provided on their relative merits though the reader (especially the undergraduate ancient history or classics student for whom this will be an obvious study aid) has to exercise their judgement. There is also quite a deal of commercial plugging, for examples links to on-line book sellers who apparently sponsor the site. Nonetheless this website will interest both scholars and the wider public and school children, particularly as a result of the major Hollywood film of 2004."
Commercial plugging? Moi? Okay, there's some. The flip side? I'm not increasing the English wage earner's tax-load. ;)

Patchogue-Medford Library Military History.

"The premier site on the subject, formerly known as Alexanderama, now with nearly 1000 links, classified under approximately 25 main headings, or approaches. Its content displays an extroadinary range: from chidren's and popular interest sites (e.g., "Kids," "Movies," "Television, Video," "Discussion Groups," "Travel and Tourism," "Hotels, etc.," "Goods and Services," to "Literature and Music," to ethnically-charged sites ("Nationalist," "Reference," "Arts and Maps," "Individual Topics," "Macedonia, Thrace and the Hellenistic Age," "Persia"), to biographic, bibliographic,and "Alexander Links," to some intriguing groupings: "Left Out," "Dead Links," "New Links," "Unsorted New," "Misc.," "Top 5%," "They Link to Me," as well as "About this Page". There is a wealth of historical information here; and there are plans to eventually include full-text versions of Arrian's and Curtius' histories of Alexander. This site is recommended for anyone from the serious researcher to the casual surfer."

Web Archive: Darrell Rowbottom. "A veritable plethora of links to sites about Alexander the Great, be they fair or foul."

Web Archive: Annette Yoshiko Reed. "Extensive list of links, ranging from relevant art to academic articles on-line."

Web Archive: New Zealand Association of Classical Teachers "...a huge list of Alexander sites, edited by Timothy Spalding, whose accompanying comments are useful."

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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Wiki Classical Dictionary, currently focused on Alexander

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