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Statuary and paintings

The Triumphal Entry of Alexander into Babylon. Frieze by Thorvaldsen ($630) at the Giust Gallery, DC.

Dying Alexander. "Source unknown" (modern) for $240 at the Giust Gallery, DC.

Sculpture Gallery ($155)

Talaria Enterprise.


Alexandrian Macedonian . How to paint lead figures and conduct battles, by Jonathan Lim, for the De Bellis Antiquitatis Resource Page.

The Battles of Alexander the Great designer's notes (interesting).

Sharp objects

5-piece Alexander The Great Sword Set from Frost Cutlery, "turn your knife display into a tribute for conquering heroes."

Alexander the Great Sword from "Gladius of Spain."


There are dozens of sites out there that will sell you coins with Alexander's image on them (most of which are really Lysimachus' or someone else's.) I do not link to them, however, as I think the coin market harms archaeological sites. Why? For one thing because locals scour sites with metal detectors and dig pits wherever they hear beeps. I have, I should add, nothing against owning documented antiquities or even against archaeological digs selling excavated and documented artifacts. However, until some method is discovered of closing off the market to new coins (which number in the millions) coin trading promotes the destruction of ancient sites.

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