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Kids (K-8)

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For kids

World Book . Decent children's biography.

Another edition of Plutarch (trans. and shortened by Wilmot H. McCutchen) with basic vocabulary, from e-classics.

Ask Dr. Dig weighs in on the cause of Alexander's death, sexuality, and other topics.

Alexander's Army. Choose-your-own-adventure-style game from Discovery Channel, Asia.

Helene A. Guerber, The Story of the Greeks (1896) with thirteen short chapter on Alexander. They follow the facts close enough, except for Alexander's visit to Jerusalem.

"The March East: Alexander's Conquest of Asia and Egypt" by Rick Black, from Calliope ("World History for Youth")

Books and videos for kids

Amazon. Alexander the Great: The Greatest Ruler of the Ancient World by Andrew Langley, Illustrated by Alan Marks. Grades 4-8.

Oxford University Press (!) blurb.

Amazon. Alexander the Great: Ruler of the World (1996 video) Designed for the school crowd as well as adults. The documentary seems to have sunk quickly as I can't find anything about it except a bunch of study Questions and Answers.

By kids

Web Archive: Seventh-grade Etha's HUGE report on Alexander. How detailed is it? How about three paragraphs on the Myndus episode in his account of siege of Halicarnassus! Alas, the bibliography shows that his writing and organizational skills were stymied by an overreliance on secondary (and often second-rate) sources. That's a real criticism, but one which most websites (let alone websites created by grade-schoolers) hardly merit. Good job!

Brief Bio of Alexander the Great (Mark Eirich, 15). His home schooling essays available on the web. Nice kid.

Philip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great: Creators of a New World by Simon Perdikis (14 year-old student in Greece)

Web Archive: Brief school biography from Unity Point School District #140.

For educators

Web Archive: The Burning of Persepolis. Suggestions for the destruction of Persepolis from from the New Zealand Association of Classical Teachers. .

Alexander the Great. Research questions (Caroline Bombardieri)

Web Archive: Lesson goals for "The Rise of Alexander the Great" for 8th-graders. Don't believe the facts.

"What makes Alexander so Great?" A big (now finished?) project. Written for teachers (and funders?)

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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Wiki Classical Dictionary, currently focused on Alexander

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