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Waldemar Heckel's gigantic, wonderful bibliography with links to all the articles on the web (c. 900 items, sorted by author). There aren't many necessary Alexander resources online, but this is one of them. Top 5%

Short bibliography by Paul Cartledge, from his BBC article "Alexander the Great: Hunting for a New Past."

Multilingual monetary bibliography from Ottavio de Manzini and Sergio Rossi's Alessandro III Il Grande Storia e Monete.

Course bibliography for Elizabeth Carney's Alexander the Great and Ancient Macedonia.

Bibliography of recent Alexander scholarship: "Alexander the Great 2000-2004" by Martijn Cuypers. Comprehensive for the period it covers (with a little 2004 updating). Cuypers is responsible for the excellent A Hellenistic Bibliography. Top 5%

The Army of Alexander the Great with considerable bibliography (Sander van Dorst)

Alexander bibliography by John Paul Adams of Cal State Northridge. (c. 25 items, by subject). See also his Changes in Greece: Philip II and Alexander. Nice close-ups of mosaic.

Courses on Alexander

Academic Alexander page by James Davidson (author of Courtesans and Fishcakes). Includes excellent guides to Sources, Was Persia Ripe for the Picking? , and Greeks and Macedonians. Here and there Davidson uses (and indeed improves upon) my site. Top 5%

Alexander the Great at Skidmore, taught by Michael Arnush. His students' papers are posted online—a good selection, all long. The course has taken place in years past.

"The Age of Alexander." Good stuff (eg. "Supplementary Sources," dozens of translations to supplement Roisman) from Prof. William M. Murray, University of South Florida. Top 5%

Michael Dixon, "History 499/599: Alexander the Great" (University of Southern Indiana)

"History: 3304: The World of Alexander the Great" T. Harrington (Virginia Tech.)

Elizabeth Carney, "Alexander the Great and Ancient Macedonia" (Clemson). Includes a nice image of Alexander page (lots of pics, slow-loading but great).

Alexander lecture. Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College (lecture notes).

Konrad Kinzl (Trent University) with some image thumbnails.

Philip Kaplan, University of North Florida.

"Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism" by Rob Rice (UPenn).

Conferences, (abstracts, calls, etc.)

Alexander and After: Second International Symposium being held January 20–22, 2005 at the University of Calgary. Quite a line-up they've assembled!

Extract: "Skanda-Iskandar and the Alexander Romance: History and the Diffusion of Mythic Archetypes" by Patrick Harrigan. (Presented at the 1998 "International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan.")

Alexander the Great in the News

Web Archive: "Archaeologists unearth road dating to Alexander the Great" [Tajikistan]. Seattle Times (AP) Oct. 1988.

Miscellaneous academic

The International Plutarch Society. Many incidental references (papers delivered, books in production, etc.)

Web Archive: Info on a 13c. manuscript of the Romance in Armenian and (interestingly enough) from Trebizond. The plates don't seem to work, however.

Persepolis plans and excavation photos from the University of Chicago. Beautiful site. with excellent images.

Web Archive: Detailed page on the Armenian version of Ps-Callisthenes (Alexander Romance). Also here.

Chaironea. Plutarch's Home on the Web. A second major Plutarch page. Lots of resources.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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