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Wikipedia: Alexander de Grote.


"Les vicissitudes de l'imitatio Alexandri" by Celine Marquaille. Extremely long article or perhaps masters thesis. Translate

Jean Racine, Alexandre le Grand(1665). eText.

Alexandre III Le Grand by Gerald Loeul. Long biography with a military focus. Translate

French page on Alexander and the Koran. Translate

Dedicated (and pretty good) French page from Le Musee Vivant de l'Antiquite. Translate

Web Archive: Les Amours d'Alexandre III de Macedoine, connu comme "Le Grand" from La bibliotheque de L'Amour au Masculin.

Web Archive: Alexandre le Grand entre dans la legende.

Highly hyperlinked French bio. Translate


Wikipedia: Alexander der Gro´┐Że. Extensive.

Dedicated German Page. Also check out his Hannibal . Translate

Alexander der Grosse: Wer war Alexander?Very long page. I enjoy the automatic translation

"Alexanders way to the size began certainly with its father, who manufactured him the starting point for its conquests."


Wikipedia biography.

Greek language page (Must have special fonts!)

An extensive, multi-frame biography in modern Greek. I can't get it to render in Greek.

Something else in Greek. . I will load those fonts and try to decipher this stuff someday—not that my Modern Greek is up to snuff.


Alessandro III Il Grande Storia e Monete by Ottavio de Manzini and Sergio Rossi. Includes a very interesting run-down of mint marks, an English abstract and a multi-lingual monetary bibliography. Translate

Battaglia di Arbela by Ennio Dalmaggioni. Translate


Lengthy, hyperlinked Portuguese biography with zoomable coins at the end. Translate

Wikipedia: Alexandre o Grande.


Plutarch's Alexander (Russian translation). Oleg Palayda has entered translations of all of Plutarch's lives. But what is the Olympias page about?

Wretched Afghan-War art. Russian soldier in front of "One of few well preserved boundary post of Alexander the Great near Kabul" (huh?). Russian and English text.


Web Archive: Alejandro Magno: mito y realidad en la Red. Review of Alexander studies on the web, including a very long and mostly favorable review of my site. Found on "Estrella Digita," a Spanish-language webzine.

Wikipedia: Alejandro Magno. Extensive.


Web Archive: Icelandic mad-libs involving Alexander the Great (yes, it sounds unbelievable). Maybe it's some kind of quiz.

Hebrew: 308 Cubits under the Sea. On the Alexander Romance. Scholarly, it seems. Apart from the bibliography—English and other works—it's nothing but "?" if you don't have Hebrew fonts.

Bibelns lara om Kristus. Unknown language (Swedish?), but from "Nordic literature online since 1992." The passage clearly deals with the visit to Siwa.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.
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