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Red News - The latest news on Red Steel

Red Steel Discussion Forum - Meet other Soviet armor-buff's here!

TANK PARK - Each vehicle represented in an own section. "Armored Profiles"

Tank Development - The birth of Soviet tanks and production
BA-27 - Armored car
FAI - Armored car
BA-3 - Armored car
BA-6 - Armored car
BA-10 - Armored car 
BA-20 - Armored car
BA-64 - Armored car
T-27 Tankette - Soviet version of Carden-Lloyd tankette
BT-2 Light tank - The first seriesproduced BT tank  
BT-5 Light tank - The mass-produced BT tank
BT-7 / BT-8 Light tank - The mass-produced BT tank
T-26 Light tank - Soviet version of the Vickers 6ton tank
T-37 Light tank - Amphibious tank
T-38 Light tank - Amphibious tank
T-40 Light tank - Amphibious tank/Light tank
T-50 Light tank - Rare light tank, "Little Klim"
T-60 Light tank - Mass-produced light tank
T-70 Light tank - Mass-produced light tank
T-80 Light tank - Improved T-70 tank

T-28 Medium tank - Multi-turreted tank from the 30s
T-34/76 Medium tank - Maybe the most famous tank of World War II
           -Anatomy of the T-34 - Section within T-34 section about its anatomy
           -T-34 Gallery - Small gallery with T-34s only
PT-34 - Minerolling tank        
T-34/85 Medium tank - Follow up to T-34/76
T-44 Medium tank - Late war/postwar medium tank

T-32 Heavy tank - Pre-T-35
T-35 Heavy tank - HUGE multi-turreted tank
KW-1 Heavy tank - Heavy tank
KW-2 Heavy tank - Enormous vehicle with an extremely large turret
KW-85 Heavy tank - Heavy tank based on KV-chassis
IS-1 (IS-85) Heavy tank - Josef Stalin series heavy tank
IS-2 Heavy Tank - Follow up to IS-1
SU-76 Tank Destroyer - Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 76 (Self-Propelled Gun)
SU-85 Tank Destroyer - Based on T-34 chassis
SU-100 Tank Destroyer - Based on T-34 chassis
SU-122 Medium mechanized gun - Based on T-34 chassis
ISU-122 Heavy mechanized gun - IS chassis with 122mm gun in superstructure
SU-152/ISU-152 Heavy mechanized gun - Heavy self-propelled gun based on KV/IS chassis
TSAR - The Soviet Armored Rarities - Here you can find photos & information about odd projects and limited production models.
KW-3 Heavy tank - Prototype with 85mm gun
"Tsar Tank" - HUGE project of 1915
PT-1 - Amphib tank
SMK - Super-heavy tank prototype
T-111 Medium tank - Prototype, follow up to BT-IS, (T-46-5)
T-46 Light tank - Prototype, improved T-26

Lend-Lease - A section meant to give the reader some information about the aid received from the west.
"Slap in the face", Combat article, October 1941 - German 4th Panzer Division gets to know hard-hitting T-34. Interesting material!

Strength of the Soviet Tank Corps, 1935
TO&E - How was a Soviet Tank Brigade organized, and what units where in it? Here you can find some answers!
Early tanks in the Red Army - Gallery with photos of Soviet AFV's dating back to the 1920's.
Soviet Military Modelling - Red Steel's modelling section. New kits, reviews, camo & markings etc.

Horrors for a tank crew - A special gallery displaying photos of Russian tanks, knocked out by their enemy
Tank Gallery - Gallery with photos of many different soviet tanks.
Tankograd - Gallery with photos of Soviet AFVs on the assembly lines.

Soviet tanks in Finnish service - Photos and facts of captured Soviet tanks in use with the Finnish army.
Soviet tanks in German service - Photos and facts of captured Soviet tanks in use with the German army.
German tanks in Soviet service - Gallery with photos of captured German panzers.
Soviet AFV Exports - Section with information and photos of Soviet armor in other countries.

Axvall's Armor Museum - Brief information about the Swedish Armor Museum at Axvall. Includes "catalogue" and photos of vehicles
SPHF - Swedish ArmorHistorical Society - Perhaps you want to join?
Red Dogs - Gallery with photos of famous Soviet military leaders such as Zhukov, Koniev, Rokossovskij, etc

Military Links HQ - Related links is stationed here.

Reference - Here I give you some information about the sources I have used which made the creation of this website possible