KV-85 Model 1943

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During mid 1943 the KV-tank was refitted with a cast turret having improved ballistic shape, and mounted the new 85L/53 gun. A KV-85G prototype was built, armed with the 85mm S-18 gun. The modified hull of the KV-Is mounted a new turret with thicker armour. Various technological improvements enabled the crew of this machine and all other heavy tanks to be reduced to 4 men (Commander, Gunner, Driver and Loader). Basically the KV-85 was a rearmed and re-turreted tank, designed to take the M-1943 tank version (D-5T) of the M-1939 85mm Anti-Aircraft gun. It could carry an ammoload of 70 shells. The turret was fitted with a commanders cupola, bringing the overall height of the tank up to over 9 feet. The turret had a curved mantlet and the armour on the hull was slightly reduced to 60-65mm to counterbalance the increased turret weight. The new turret design was later to be adopted by some T-34/85 - although in this case the rear machinegun was removed. The KV-IC was also retrofitted with the new turret and the both models of the KV-85 entered service in time to counter the German PzKpfw. VI Tiger and PzKpfw. V Panther. Only 130 KV-85 were manufactured from autumn 1943 - winter 1943. The KV-85s were quickly used up in the russian winter campaigns of 1943/1944.

Specifications, KV-85 Model 1943: