October 24th 1999


Today I finally updated Red Steel again! I finally launched my Red Square section, along with a photo study of the Slovakian armored troops of 1939-44 with about 15-20 photos and camo schemes. Additions were made to the KV-85 and BA-10 sections. Corrections were made to the Captured Panzer Gallery. For those of you who don't know, most of my time goes to my research on Baltic armor of 1918-1940 at the moment. I'm actually running a second website on this topic, and you can see it here: "Baltic AFVs & Armoured Trains 1918-1940" .

The website will soon move to a new adress, and it will be frequently updated from that date onwards....

Thanks for your time!

pzgrave.JPG (27807 bytes)

Assembly area for destroyed tanks around Stalingrad, I can only see PzKpfw. III's....what do you see??

I'm looking for some material:


- Karl Heinz Munch - Combat History of sPzJagAbt. 653 and Tigers in Combat Vol. 1


- Photos of preserved Soviet AFVs from museums worldwide.
- Photos of Baltic AFVs 1918-present.


- 1/35 scale decals/markings from RPMs Renualt FT-17 kit, especially Lithuanian.


Mail me here: Wanted!


- VHS Movie - "StuG III and StuG IV" ("Die Deutschen Panzer" series, Part 6) - 60mins - 18.00 USD
Hardbox in perfect condition, little used, 60min documentary about the German StuG assault guns. English speech. Rare combat footage makes the tape a must watch!
Few clips with classic German PK speech, like StuG III Ausf. G in action against T-34/76s.....lovely!
"- Einer kampfwagen wird angegriffen, und fliegt in der luft !"

- WW2 Soviet campaign medal; Defense of Leningrad, Original piece - 15.00 USD
The front of the medal shows a woman, partisan, sailor, and soldier with rifles and bayonets drawn. The reverse has the text in Russian for "For Our Soviet Motherland". This medal is in very nice condition and hangs from a 5-sided steel-backed ribbon. The detail is excellent. 

- VHS Movie - "Russian Revolution" ("Russia - The Missing Years" series) - 55mins - 14.00 USD
Hardbox, never opened, 55min documentary about the Russian revolution. English speech. Rare footage makes the tape a must watch!

- VHS Movie - "The Eastern Front 1941-1942" ("Russia - The Missing Years" series) - 55mins - 14.00 USD

Hardbox, never opened, 55min documentary about the Eastern front. English speech. Rare footage from newly opened Soviet archives makes the tape a must watch! One of its highlights are the movie clips with sounds of both T-28 and T-35 heavy tanks on parade in Moscow!

- Book - "Pansartrupperna 1942-1992", S. Edgren, 474pp - 29.90 USD
Mint condition, never opened, dust jacket in perfect condition, out of print, covers the Swedish AFVs of 1922 til today. Lots of rare information and packed with photos of many famous and odd armored vehicles. A must buy for those interested in Swedish armor.

Money orders only. Buyer to pay S&H from Sweden, surface or air mail. 
Items shipped same day/day after as money arrives.

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