During early 1942 it became apparent that the T-60/T-60A light tanks were too lightly armoured and that its armament wasnt sufficient enough to cope with the new German tank models. It was by this time when the new T-70 tank appeard, which was built at the Gorki Autmobile Works. The T-70 started to replace the T-60 in late January 1942. Using the same chassis with a front drive slightly reinforced to take the extra weight, the turret was redesigned and welded, and it mounted a 45mm gun and a coaxial 7.62mm DT MG. The new turret had a semi-circular hatch in the turret roof, and a curved external mantlet with a sleeve for the gun. To give a cleaner outline and better protection the hull armour was modified, and the driver was provided with an armoured visor. Compared to the T-60, the engine power was doubled by providing two engines of the Soviet 110hp Hudson straight-eight car engine. Twin exhaust pipes attached on each side at the rear hull was a new feature on the T-70. The tracks had twin guide-horns on each track plate, and the T-70 could attain a maximum speed of 32mph. A lipped air-intake was welded below the turret on the right side of the hull, and an engine-servicing hatch was fitted on the right side of the glacis plate. In the summer of 1943, the T-70M appeard, with increased armour and slightly more powerful engines. The turret had a squared.off rear, as distinct from the rounded type of the T-70, and had welded strengtheners along the joints. Production of both models ceased in late 1943, partly due to its poor combat performance. Its main shortcoming was that the commander also had to act as the loader and gunner which reduced the tanks speed of engagement. Nevertheless, a total of 8.226 T-70s of all types was built between March 1942 and October 1943. During 1944, many T-70 chassis were converted to self-propelled mountings for 45mm anti-tank guns, captured 47mm Czech anti-tank guns, and later for the newer 57mm and 76.2mm anti-tank guns. In later stage of war, many T-70 tank were issued to the 1st Polish Tank Brigade.