(Ford A Izorskij)

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In 1932, the FAI light armored car were developed at Izhorskiy factory. It was based on the same GAZ-A chassis as the D-8 but had a larger turret with 360 degree traverse. It replaced the D-12 on the assembly lines in late 1932. The FAI-ZhD was built in 1933, intended for travelling on railway lines in support of armored trains. In 1936, as the GAZ-M1 chassis appeared, an improved FAI-M was introduced. The FAI became the standard light armored car in the RKKA throughout the 1930s. In 1935, Zavod #38 mounted a lengthened FAI armored hull on a 6 x 4 GAZ-TK, but no production was undertaken.

Specifications FAI: