When the supplies of the T-37/T-38 got short, the T-40 light tank was designed by Buoyancy Tanks to replace them. The two-man T-40 was a bulky, but simple design. To be produced at the largest ease as possible, it featured many components from automobiles, some examples is the transmission and engine. The early version of the T-40 was armed with a 12.7mm DShK machine gun, the later with a 20mm ShVAK cannon. The first T-40 tanks was used in Finland, a short time before the Finns agreed to peace. They showed to be very ineffective in Finland being knocked out by small arms fire and the armor was later thickened. The T-40A appeared in late 1941, having the bow top faired away at the sides which were originally flat on the T-40. During 1942, the T-40S was put into limited production as a successor to the T-40 and T-40A. The hull and turret armor was thickened and this resulted in a total loss of amphibious capacities.  The T-40 project was soon abandoned in favor of the T-60 light tank. A total of 709 T-40 tanks were manufactured.

Specifications, T-40:

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