Protivotankoviy Tank - 34

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Mineroller tanks, designated PT-34, were developed by A. P. Mugalev in 1942. The PT-34 was a fairly conventional design with four thick banks of cast disks pushed in front of both tracks. The PT-34 was most often based on the T-34/76 Model 1943 or T-34/85 Model 1944. The first experimental use of PT-34 tanks were on the Voronezh Front in 1943 by the 233rd Tank Bttn in the 86th Tank Brigade of the 4th Guards Independent Tank Regiment, as they had at least two experimental units of mine trawls in action. The first complete action of minerolling tanks took place in October 1943 with the 166th Independent Engineer Regiment attached to the 3rd Guards Tank Army. These regiments had 18 trawls and 22 T-34 tanks. The mineroller was attached to the lower hull plate with a large Y girder fork whiched allowed the assembly of roller disks to turn somewhat, however, when not in usem the roller assembly was removed.

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A PT-34 (T-34/76, late and modified Model 1943) with mine rollers.