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Military Links!

Achtung! Panzer!

A warning from Canada! Here you�ll find absolutely EVERYTHING about german Panzers and all conversions ! This is the definite Panzer site !

Jim�s Tiger Page

This page is concentrating on German WWII armour and has everything! One of the best and most complete German Panzer sites outthere ! Well done!

2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

Splendid information of units, people oob etc of the 2nd SS Pz. Div. Das Reich! Dan Reinbold have made a comprehensive site on the subject! Excellent site!

Willkommen Kameraden - 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking"

Re-enactors of the 5th SS Panzerdivision Wiking has made a great site! German re-enactors, dont miss this one!

Panzer Lehr!

Panzer Lehr ! Contains all sorts of info and pix of German Panzers ! This is a great resource ! Has a unique archive of army manuals etc of german tanks etc of WW2.

The Armoured Website

Mario Paesani has a great page including info about many different vehicles of many countries.
"Not only panzers please..." Excellent work !

AFV Museum

Pat Storto�s own AFV Museum of 1/72 and 1/76 models! Very interesting to study ! All modelers, come and VISIT !

Model Tank Gallery

Great numbers of different vehicles from many countries ! A must visit ! A page for all modelers !


Mark Robbins own HobbyHQ ! This is definentily worth a visit ! Wargaming site!

North Africa

North African Campaign! Very interesting! Includes the most about this campaign!

Operation Barbarossa

Here you can find everything about Operation Barbarossa in 1941 !

Tracks & Armour

Everything about single divisions of all countries. This is a one-of-a-kind page. Excellent work !

Danish Army Vehicles Homepage

Great information of AFV's used by the Danish Army! Excellent!

Cromwell Models

The official website for CROMWELL Models. Here you find it all!

Steel Chariots

A great site for the Canadian Armour Enthusiast. This site is very interesting !


George Bradford's AFV News magazine website. You�ll find excellent info about many topics here. Great work !

Armour In Focus

Chris Shillito's new Armour In Focus is a new and fresh website with interesting topics. Very nice indeed!


Tripp Bishop's website exclusively dedicated to the Soviet BMP-1 is great!

History in Miniature

Great site for modelers! Gives you a full description on how to make a good diorama!

PHG Miniatures

PHG Models in Budapest - Hungary, offers many rare and interesting model kits to a fair price! Specialized in Hungarian Armour Kits, you will be able to find many neat kits here!

Russian Military Zone

History site with information and photos of Russian and German tanks, artillery and other auxiliary equipment!

Beltram's German Militaria

Excellent website containing interesting photos and information of German military awards, uniforms, helmets, etc etc ranging from 1914-1945!

Military Books for sale

Derek Frost has an excellent selection of out of print books, books from the east etc etc for sale to a great price!
Check it out!


They have a promising eastern front-strategy PC-game under development! Check it out!

Baltic AFV's & Armored Trains - 1918-1940

A brand new site (made by myself actually) about the AFV's and Armored trains of the Baltic states between 1918 and 1945. Interesting topic I hope! In Swedish, Estonian and English language!

Rob's Panther Page

A site entirely devoted to the history of the German Panther tank.Great work!

Landsverk Lynx

Web-article about the infamous Swedish Landsverk Lynx armored car, used by Sweden, Denmark and the Dominican republic!