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When the T-40 and T-50 were found to be both operationally and technically unsatisfactory, and the obsolescence of the older T-37, T-38 and T-26 tanks became more and more apparent, a complete redesign of the light tank was undertaken. Based on the T-40 chassis, a new non-amphib light tank was developed. Mounting a new 20mm ShVAK aircraft cannon and provided with extra armour in the front, the T-40 turned into the T-60 in late 1941. Development and production of the T-60 was undertaken by the Soviet Automotive Industry as opposed to the tank industry. The hull front and turret had improved protection against large-calibre machinegun rounds, and although cast armour had been adopted for medium and heavy tanks and the turret of the T-50, both hull and turret of the T-60 were welded throughout. Entering production during November 1941, over 6.000 were manufactured during the war and it was issued to reconnaisance units on a large scale. The turret was offset to the left with the engine mounted alongside it on the right and the driver placed centrally in the front. Like its predocessor T-40, the T-60 had a turret of characteristic Swedish design with the same turret and mantlet as used on the majority of contemporary Landsverk tanks. As mentioned before, a high velocity 20mm ShVAK aircraft cannon was mounted in a long boxed bracing attached to a long flat mantlet. Additional firepower was given by an co-axially mounted 7.62mm DT machine gun to the left. Both the T-40 and T-60 tanks were specially designed for operating in snow. An improved model of the T-60 was introduced in late 1941/early 1942, designated T-60A, and had increased armour. The main external difference between the two models lay in the road wheels: the T-60 used spoked road wheels and idlers, whilst those on the T-60A were pressed solid. When replaced by the more powerful T-70 tanks, the T-60 chassis were extensively used as artillery tractors towing 57mm anti-tank guns, and some did also mount M-8 and M-13 (Katyushka) rocketlaunchers.
A prototype named KT/A-40T (Krilatij tank, flying tank) was based on a T-60 chassis which was fitted with wings and a tail. Trials were actually successful, but the project was abandoned.

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