Soviet AFV Exports
Thanks to Steve Zaloga & Jarek Garlicki !


- 6 x T-26 Model 1931
- Few x BA-3/6 armored cars

Delivered in 1933-(35?).


Aid was also extended to Chiang-kai Shek's forces in China to assist in combatting the Imperial Japanese Army. Soviet advisers were sent to China to help form the 200th Army Mechanized Corps, equipped with 88 T-26 Model 1933 purchased from the Soviet Union, as well as a number of BA-10 and BA-20 armored cars, and various British, Italian and German tanks already in Chinese service.

- BA-3/6/10/20 armored cars
- 88 T-26 Model 1933

china_t26.jpg (32798 bytes)

Chinese T-26 on parade


In 1936, the Soviets signed a mutual aid pact with Mongolia and in the following year, moved the 7th, 8th, and 9th Armored Brigades into Mongolia. In addition, the new 8th Mongolian Armored Battalion was equipped with BT-7 and BA-10 armored cars.

- Battalion of BT-5/7 in 8th Mongolian Cavalry Division (8th Mongolian Armored Bttn - BT-7 and BA-10)
- Probably few BA-6


297-325 x T-26 Model 1933
50 x BT-5
1 x T-28
33 x FAI armored cars
80 x BA-6
7 x BAI

In 1936 the USSR decided to aid Republican forces in Spain during the civil war. The first shipment of 15 T-26 Model 1933 arrived in Spain in September 1936. Soviet aid eventually totalled 362 tanks, 120 armored cars and 351 "volunteer" tank crews. The majority of the tanks were T-26 Model 1933, but about 50 BT-5s and a single T-28 were eventually shipped. The armored cars were primarily FAI and BA-6. Under Soviet supervision, the 1st Battallon de Carros was formed in 1937, followed by the Primera Brigada Blindada commanded by D.G. Pavlov. Pavlov remained in command of the Soviet tanks troops in Spain and in 1937 helped to organize the Division de Ingenios Blindados, made up of two mixed T-26/BA-6 brigades and the Regimento de Carras Pesados, formed with the newly arrived BT-5 tanks.

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- 60 x T-26 Model 1933
- 5 x T-27 tankettes
- 2 x T-28 medium tanks
- 60 x BA armored cars

All AFVs were sold to Turkey in 1935, all delivered in 1935. Were used to form the 1st Tank Regiment of the 2nd Cavalry Division at Luleburgaz.


The arrival of the Turkish T-26 tanks? Photo taken by US military attach´┐Ż
Photo provided by Steve Zaloga.

turk26_2.jpg (28748 bytes)

Camoflauge used on the Turkish T-26 Model 1933 tanks

expturt26.JPG (33833 bytes)

Turkish T-26 tanks with camoflauge on parade

turkt26_1.jpg (42005 bytes)

Turkish troops on manouver, 1936