'On the Dardanelles'

Storming the Straights

a fanciful view from a British magazine


In the following links you will find a collection of illustrations and photos of the events of the Dardanelles campaign. It is far from complete or even representative, but care has been taken to show some of the lesser known views. Particularly interesting are the illustrations showing the German and Turkish side of the battles. For all our mental image of the 1915 campaign we tend to forget that the Allies did indeed reduce many of the Turkish forts guarding the Straights, old and medieval as they might have been at the time. Several Turkish towns and villages were captured as well and Allied newsmagazines made much of this, publishing photos of bombarded ramparts and wrecked Turkish gun emplacements. We also tend to forget that a substanial French contingent accompanied the Expeditionary Force, landing in part on the Asian shore.

Included is a gallery of full page scans taken from the British newsmagazine 'The War Illustrated'. This collection contains virtually all the pages of photos that were devoted to the Gallipoli campaign in that magazine during 1915 until the evacuation. It shouldn't be forgotten that the Central Powers themselves had their own views on events in the Dardanelles and presented these in their own publications. To say that these views were diverging would be an understatement.

see also the following website on a Turkish view of the Great War Turkey's War


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the Adventure of the Fifty Hostages
At the Dardanelles part 1
At the Dardanelles part 2
Trenching at Gallipoli
The Landings on the Dardanelles
A Diary from the Dardanelles
The Great Landing Battles of the Dardanelles
The Gloom and Glory of the Sari Bair Battles
The Difficulties of the Dardanelles Campaign
The Miraculous Withdrawal from Gallipoli
British Sub In the Golden Horn
En Français / French Language Texts
Les Dardanelles Vues du Coté Turc par un Américain
Combats dans le Presqu'île de Gallipoli
Dans la Presqu'ile de Gallipoli
l'Expédition d'Orient 01
l'Expédition d'Orient 02
l'Aviation aux Dardanelles
Carnet de Route aux Dardanelles
Mon Séjour à Gallipoli
La Libération de Constantinople
Devant les Dardanelles
Les Débarquements aux Dardanelles
Le Premier Débarquement sur la Cote d'Asie

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'The War Illustrated'
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