Komodo Dragon Central

Welcome to Komodo Dragon Central, a guide and web directory to that astounding reptile, the Komodo dragons of Indonesia. On this site you will find over 150 links to zoos, articles, images, stuffed animals and everything else related to the Komodo dragon.

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What is the Komodo? Growing up to ten feet long, it is the largest lizard in the world. Discovered by science at the start of the 20th century, some 6,000 Komodos are restricted to a few small islands in Indonesia. On these islands, they rule supreme. Then can run as fast as a dog for short stretches and prey they merely injure are brought down shortly by the deadly bacteria in their mouths. They spend their days sunning and their nights in shallow burrows.

Categories: The categories overlap quite a bit. Rather than repeating entries I have generally put them in the category that fits them best. This is often a judgement call. For example, some of the best general information is found in the "Zoos with Komodos" page.

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