Jewelry | Wearables | Art | Other merchandise online shop, with t-shirts, bumper stickers, and tote bags. From

Light switchplate, magnets and decals, from


Amazon. Seahorse Nautical Charm from SilverMoon Jewelry.

Amazon. Seahorse Earings , offered by Something Silver.

Amazon. Inlay Opal Seahorse Pendant, offered by Ultra Diamonds


Seahorse t-shirts and other such from Project Seahorse.

Amazon. Seahorses Adult T-Shirt, Offered by ChoiceShirts.


Crystal Sculptures of sea horses by Mats Jonasson.

Metal aluminium sea horse art for sale by David Miller.

Sea horse replicas from These are hand-colored vinyl models that includes a kelp-shaped display stand.

Raven Studios makes hyper-realistic sea dragon sculptures, up to five feet long.

Other merchandise

Dried sea horses from These boxed specimens "come with a description of the item, not so much scientific, but legend, lore and interesting facts."

Amazon. Waterford Crystal Seahorse 6-Inch Bowl.

Images of sea horse objects , from Sea Horse Park .

Sea horse merchandise from They have t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, bags and what-not.

35" metalic baloon from Windy City Novelties.

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Seahorse photo © Vicky Rowe Endo ( Weedy Seadragon photo © Jeffrey N. Jeffords (