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Seahorse eating noises from Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse.


Seahorse Challenge! Very entertaining game, involving spotting seahorses. The second level, where you match seahorses to their environment, is particularly good. Game from Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse. Top 5%

Foreign language

Caballitos de Mar (Spanish) by Gema Domínguez. Includes a neat seahorses in art and mythology section, by Josep Ma Dacosta.


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seahorsetatoos seahorsetatoos seahorsetatoos
198 x 300
400 x 316
389 x 450
Face paint seahorsetatoos seahorsetatoos
Face paint!
389 x 424
349 x 500
1632 x 1232
seahorsetatoos seahorsetatoos A different seahorse
266 x 400
200 x 327
A "different" seahorse
330 x 300
seahorsetatoos glitter tattoo seahorsetatoos
130 x 177
glitter tattoo
144 x 144
448 x 648
seahorsetatoos seahorsetatoos
1632 x 1232
600 x 400
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Seahorse photo © Vicky Rowe Endo (www.worldofseahorses.com). Weedy Seadragon photo © Jeffrey N. Jeffords (www.divegallery.com).