The Mount Shasta Region

Map of Mt. Shasta RegionThis portion of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway has the distinction of having a view of majestic Mount Shasta. Standing at 14,162 feet, this volcano is the tallest volcano in California, and the second highest in the Cascade Range. Mt. Shasta can often be seen from more than 100 miles away.

With lots to offer in terms of outdoor recreation, the town of Mt. Shasta itself has an inviting downtown shopping area with unique shop, galleries, and fine dining and lodging.

The Sisson Museum, the State Fish Hatchery, and the Headwaters of the Sacramento River are also regular stops for those who visit the area. The drive up Everitt Memorial Highway, taking you up 15 miles to about 7,800 feet in, elevation is another favorite activity.

Neighboring towns also offer some interesting points of interest. To the South, in the historic railroad town of Dunsmuir, you can take a walk in The Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens, cast a line in the Sacramento River, enjoy Mossbrae Falls and Hedge Creek Falls, and visit Castle Crags State Park.

To the North of mighty Mount Shasta, the town of Weed makes home to The Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens, Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms, Stewart Mineral Springs and Deer Mountain/Chuck Best Snownobile Park.

Also, marking the beginning of the highway 89 scenic corridor, McCloud has a charming, old fashioned charm famous and is famous for its fly fishing. McCloud Waterfalls are a definite stopover point for those whose wish to view three distinct water falls or hike on the nearby trail.

Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce
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City of Mt. Shasta

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Castle Crags State Park

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Mt. Shasta Ranger Station

USGS/Cascades Volcano

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Weather in Mt. Shasta

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