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Native American Religion
Native American Religion

A Brief History of the Native American Church
Learn more about the use of peyote in Native American Religion and how
others misunderstand its use. Find out who Deer Person is, Huichol religion,
Quanah Parker, and many more historical figures.

American Indian Religious Freedom and Native American Graves Repatriation
and Protection Acts
"The special nature of Native American religions has frequently resulted in
conflicts between federal laws and policies and religious freedom." A very
detailed, well-written article dealing with the Native American Religion and
the infringements it has suffered throughout history.

American Indians and the Natural World
It's a great education source for teachers and students. Read about the
Lakota tribe in the west, the Iroquois of the east, Hopi in the south, and
the Tlingit of the north.

Beneath the Underdog: Race, Religion and the
An in-depth article detailing the relationship between the African American
and the Native American. Describes their way of living, religion, and more.
Very interesting reading.

Bill Summary & Status for the 103rd Congress
A review of the "Protection of Sacred Sites," "Prisoners' Rights," and more.

Books Documenting Native American Religion & Mythology
Here you will find a list of books, along with the author's name, that
contain information on the Native Americans and their religion.

Four Corners
Read about the religion and ceremonies of the Ute, Navajo, Hopi, and
Jicarlla Apache.

Gambling and Spirituality, A New Anthropological Perspective
"The following article is a compilation of papers written at the request of
two Native American groups exploring the pros and cons of gambling, in terms
of spirituality."

The Importance of Sacred Sites to Native American Religions
The discussion here, after some good historical background, is about the
political end of homeland conservation.

Indians of the Great Basin
"For many indigenous people, spirit power was at its greatest around the
time of creation and has diminished ever since." Read more about the beliefs
of the Native American people, their rituals and ceremonies.

Listening to Native Americans: Making Peace with the Past for the Future
An interesting article from a man who researched Navajo prayer. Read why and
how he changed his opinion of the Native American during his research and
why listening is the first step in understanding.

Native American Astronomy
A large site exploring the astronomical knowledge of native people and how
it relates to their culture and religions.

Native American Religion
"What do we mean when we speak of Native American religion?" Learn about the
rituals, myths, ethics, and more regarding Native American Religion.

Native American Religion
Learn what the religion of the Chippewa Tribe is and their beliefs. Find out
what manido and dja'sakid stand for, plus many more interesting facts.

Native American Religion in Early America
Learn about the early religion of the Huron, Iroquois, Southwest Indians,
and others. See a sketch of an Iroquois funeral. You will also find tips on
subjects to use for successful class discussions.

Native American Religions
Native American Religion, Origins, Development, and more can be found here.
Use the Outline section to find information on medicine, ghosts, the spirit
world, and other beliefs. Read what they think about non-Native Americans
adopting their rituals and ceremonies.

Native American Religious Beliefs
Read about Native American beliefs, customs, storytelling, and more from
this thought provoking article.

Native American Religious Beliefs and Practices
Learn about the beliefs and practices of the Catawba, Muskogee, Iroquois,
Natchez, and Zuni tribes.

Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison
Learn what Trapp v. DuBois is about and the Native American inmates who are
a part of the "Spiritual Awareness Council" located in Massachusetts. Read
about their fight to be able to practice their religion in prison, the
resistance, and resentment they face from prison guards and others.

Native American Spirituality
"Traditional Native Americans do not see any spirituality in our "western"
world. They believe that we have a kind of mindless materialism that is
destroying both us and the world we live in." Also, read the four beliefs of
American Spirituality.

Native American Spirituality
A very well done article depicting the Native American spirituality and
beliefs. "Native American Spirituality was (and is, for those still
practicing it) part and parcel of living. It involved a relationship with
the natural world as opposed to a weekly or daily schedule of worship

Native American Spirituality
This is a very in-depth, interesting article concerning Native American
spirituality. Visit the Profile and Beliefs sections for an eye-opening look
at how this religion is changing and how many Native Americans feel about
this change. Learn about several groups, including the Lakota, Apache,
Navajo, and Iroquois. Read a little about their beliefs and ceremonies.

Native American Spirituality
Several interesting articles are offered for those interested in Native
American Religion. Find out what certain words mean when you visit the
glossary and read about the sacred use of tobacco. Be sure and read the
article introduction to Native American Spirituality where the Lenap
Spirituality is defined in detail.

Navajo Religion-A Way Of Life
Learn what the Navajo dwelling is called, find out about the four sacred
mountains, healing ceremonies, and more. A very well written, informational
article about the Navajo way of life.

The Peyote Foundation
The FAQs page is definitely worth checking into before you go any further.
You will find out exactly what Peyote is, its uses in Native American
Religion, and many more facts. Be sure to also read the "Debate Regarding
Native vs. Non-Native Religious Peyote Use" and Az. Republic story on the
Supreme Court's overturning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act-July 26
for more information on this controversial plant.

Powersource Gallery
Here you will find a collection of Native American religious symbols and
graphics. This page also has various cultures and ceremonial information.

Religion, Rituals, Myths, And Legends
Read a beautiful Sioux prayer, offered in English and Lakota. Learn about
Dakota history and culture, smudging, and so much more. This site offers a
large amount of information and is done with the utmost respect and dignity
for the Native American religion.

Sacred Journeys
"A long time ago, the gods got together and decided that the search for the
meaning of life was the most rewarding endeavor of human beings." Learn more
about the Vision Quest ceremony and sacred circles.

Saturn ~ God of the Harvest
Read the prophecies of No-Eyes, White Buffalo, Stalking Wolf, and more. See
how many of these amazing visions have come true and what the future holds.
An amazing site that will leave you wondering!

Saving Our Culture For Our Children Through Our Children
Find out why more Native Americans are choosing to home school their
children. Read about the group that has been started to assist other Native
Americans, Afro-Americans, and non-Christians in their efforts to home
school their children.

Sounds of Faith
Learn about the religious practices of the Lumbee, a unique tribe from North
Carolina who mixes modern Christianity with old time beliefs.

Southwest Native Americans
This is a great source of education for teachers and students. Learn about
the religious practices of different Indian tribes. Several ideas for arts
and crafts are also offered. Check out the kid's projects to see what
students have created. It's a great site to learn about Native American

Spirits of the Land Foundation
"Spirits of the Land Foundation, a non-profit corporation, incorporated
under the laws of the Sac and Fox Nation, Oklahoma, was established to
'operate for charitable, scientific and educational purposes for the benefit
of State or Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Bands and Nations and the
members thereof and to support scientific research to benefit Humanity and
the Planet Earth.'"

Teaching Native American Religions
This page is "A series of discussions concerning the teaching of Indian
religions outside of their own cultural context."

The Spirits: Native Religion of The Pacific Northwest
"The spiritual heritage of the Pacific Northwest Indians is rich and deeply
felt. The beliefs and practices could never be totally separated from their
lives." A very well done article packed full of information.

Voices From The Heart
A collection of poems/prayers by Chief Tom Thunderhorse, a Cherokee Spirit
Chief. You can also listen to his poems with Real Audio.

White Buffalo Society
Explore this site and you will find pages about various aspects of Native
American spiritual issues as seen from this groups viewpoint.