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Native American Organizations
Native American Organizations

  1. Native American Rights Fund (NARF)    
  2. American Indian Heritage Foundation - Provides emergency assistance, economic development resources and is creating an information clearing house.
  3. American Indian Heritage Foundation - Relief, motivation, and resources for Native Americans. Programs, tribal directory, activism, indigenous literature. Fundraiser support and donations welcome.
  4. American Indian Program Council - The AIPC is dedicated to increasing the recruitment, retention & visibility of American Indians in the Federal workforce. Includes job announcements, links to agencies and some non-federal sites, student opportunities, reports on training and items of interest to Native Americans.
  5. Arizona Native American Republican Committee - Provides fair and accurate information to reservation and urban communities and our elected officials on the Republican agenda, candidates, native issues, and culture.
  6. California Authochthon Peoples Foundation - Assisting Native American Indians and organizations to better the lives of NAI's through education, health programs, cultural preservation and more.
  7. California Nations Indian Gaming Association - Organization governing Indian casinos in California.
  8. Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network - Provides leadership, support and advocacy for Aboriginal people living with and affected by HIV or AIDS.
  9. Circles of Care Evaluation Technical Assistance Center - We provide technical assistance to Native American grantees who are establishing a system of care for SED children.
  10. Dakota Indian Foundation Home Page - Non-profit foundation conducts Sioux culture research and provides financial assistance to tribal students.
  11. DreamCatchers Incorporated - DreamCatchers is a non-profit, charitable organization fostering the creation of Native American feature films, documentaries and other events to promote cross cultural communications.
  12. Eastern Nations - A non-profit organization serving native peoples in New England. Brief description of tribes, link pages for employment, social and legal issues, family and health, and genealogy. Chat, forum, and secure donation form.
  13. Echota Deer Clan - Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama Deer Clan website.
  14. First Nations Development Institute - Policy, research, grantmaking, and lending institution. Working to help mobilize the capacity of Native Americans for controlling their own economic assets.
  15. The Five Civilized Tribes Museum - Oklahoma based nonprofit museum with links to other Native American sites.
  16. Four Winds Foundation International - International indigenous/multicultural foundation dedicated to cultural preservation and sustainability.
  17. The Heritage Institute - The Heritage Institute's comprehensive energy, environmental, and education programs that target the economic development needs of American Indian communities.
  18. Indian Art Northwest - Native arts & culture: National festival (Portland OR), participating Indian artists, art sales, regional travel opportunities and events in the Northwest.
  19. Indian Arts and Crafts Association - A not-for-profit organization established to support the ethical promotion and protection of authentic Native American art and culture.
  20. Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers - Organization dedicated to preserving pipemaking and pipestone quarries.
  21. Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness - Based in Boston, Massachusetts. Educational and social services. Comprehensive list of northeastern tribes and organizations. Newsletter and links.
  22. National American Indian Court Judges Association - A national voluntary association of tribal court judges. The mission of the association, as a national representative membership organization, is to strengthen and enhance tribal justice systems.
  23. National Congress of Indians - The National Congress of Indians provides national leadership on issues facing tribal communities throughout the United States. Services include legislative alerts and lobbying.
  24. National Indian Child Welfare Association - The National Indian Child Welfare Association provides publications, training and information concerning the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978.
  25. National Indian Education Association - The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is the largest and oldest Indian education organization in the nation and advocates for Indian control of Indian education.
  26. National Indian Gaming Association - The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) is a nonprofit organization of 168 Indian Nations engaged in tribal gaming enterprises.
  27. National Indian Health Board - The National Indian Health Board (NIHB)is a nonprofit organization representing tribal governments that advocates for improvements in health care for Indian communities.
  28. National Indian Justice Center - The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) provides training and technical assistance to tribal court personnel, law enforcement, government officials, tribal social services/victim assistance providers and tribal gaming commissioners.
  29. Native American Educational Association (NAEA) of Tennessee - Strives to educate others about Native American Indian culture and history. Objectives, mission, and contact information.
  30. Native American Intergovernmental Affairs - Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon, created the Intergovernmental Affairs Department with the intent of building strong government-to-government relationships.
  31. Native American Preservation Association of Georgia, Inc. - A nonprofit educational organization that preserves and promotes Native American culture, art and crafts through printed material and special events.
  32. Nuniwarmiut Piciryarata Tamaryalkuti [NPT] (Nunivak Cultural Programs) - Non-profit cultural heritage office of the Cup'ig Eskimo village of Mekoryuk, Nunivak Island, Alaska.
  33. Tanasi Mter Indigenous Circle - Protecting and preserving burial and otherwise sacred sites in Tennessee.
  34. United National Indian Tribal Youth - National network promoting personal development, citizenship and leadership; headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Program and event information, staff roster, links.
  35. United Native America - Working toward a Federal holiday for Native Americans; also racial exclusion in the arts, media, and athletics. Petition, press releases, membership information, links. Opening animation and cursor trails.
  36. Wapacoli Ani - Regional gathering of Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia. Community and activist interest. Audio loop at load, links.
  37. Worldwide Friends - Native American and First Nation inmates looking for a pen-pal. Also support for indigenous projects. English with some German.

Tribal Organizations
  1. Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians - Tribal consortium covering Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington. Publications on sale, committee rosters, events, links.
  2. Ani Gasaguali - Founded by Cherokee with intertribal membership. Southeastern tribes pow wow announcement, Cherokee and Choctaw language lessons, history and culture, links.
  3. Arctic Athabaskan Council - Promoting Arctic Athabaskan heritage and representing the interests of Athabaskan peoples at the international forum of the Arctic Council.
  4. Bristol Bay Native Association - Network of Alaskan Native Councils throughout the Bristol Bay region. Directory and fact sheets of members, business listings, housing and social services, administrative contacts, links.
  5. Cahuilla Inter-Tribal Repatriation Committee (CITRC) - Native Cahuilla Indian tribes seeking repatriation of cultural objects, artifacts, burial sites and human remains. Provides resources and information for museums and other tribes.
  6. Chattanooga InterTribal Association - Non-profit promoting awareness of historical native american contributions in Tennessee; supports educational, employment, and social opportunities and cares for ancestral burial and residential areas. Many local and tribal links.
  7. East Tennessee Indian League - Nonprofit based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Open to American Indians from all nations, and to non-native people. News, mailing list, actvity announcments.
  8. Four Winds Intertribal Society - Fosters historical cultural awareness among native peoples of Fort Hood and throughout Texas. Members meet to learn dancing and dance regalia, beadwork and jewelry arts, cooking. Pow wow announcment and links.
  9. Great Lakes Intertribal Council - Coalition of 12 Indian tribes of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, with contact and tribal information about each member nation.
  10. Intertribal Council of Arizona - Phoenix-based organization since 1958, comprised of 21 local bands. Board contacts, programs and working groups, map, fact sheets on each member tribe, links.
  11. Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada Network - Directory of tribe fact sheets and programs, language and culture information, publications for sale, links.
  12. Intertribal Deaf Council - Furthering the traditions, languages and cultures of First Nations members who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing. Conference information and registration form.
  13. Intertribal Timber Council
  14. Manataka American Indian Council - Non-profit society promoting American Indian history and culture. Stories, poems, weddings, news, events, forum, links.
  15. Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council - Ten member intertribal organization. News, employment announcments, events calendar, maps, census data, native technology initiatives and links.
  16. Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council - Blackfeet, Northern Arapaho, Eastern Shoshone, Fort Peck, Chippewa Cree, Salish and Kootenai, Northern Cheyenne, Little Shell Chippewa, Crow, and Fort Belknap. Census, governmental updates, event calendar, photo gallery, grants and scholarships, links.
  17. Morning Star Lodge Association - Providing an intertribal and cultural home to millions of individuals who share Native American ancestry with other ethnic roots. Simple history and contact information.
  18. National Congress of American Indians
  19. Oregon's Native American Leadership Institute - Emerging nonprofit organization publishing the newspaper Redbird's Journal and providing programming to create leaders in Indian Country.
  20. Santa Cruz, California Chapter of the Nastao Nation - Native American medicine society promoting culture and social issues. History and principles, local and general information, links.

Social Services Organizations
  1. Adopt a Native Elder Program - Food, medicine, clothing, fabric and yarns to help Elders sustain traditional lifestyles. Fundraisers include annual rug sale, grocery certificates. Forum and links.
  2. American Indian Child Resource Center - Nonprofit agency providing services to American Indian youth and their families in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. American Indian Education Foundation - Funds scholarships, supplies, and educational programs. Information and donation solicitations. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  4. American Indian Relief Council - Provides emergency relief and self-help programs to Sioux Indians living on the reservations of South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana.
  5. American Indian Resource Center - Non-profit organization aiming to improve the lives of Native Americans in South Texas through education and related projects. Board roster and forum.
  6. Appalachian Mountain Outreach - Grayson, Kentucky non-profit helping the elderly, children, and other Native Americans throughout the United States. Clip art, literature, links.
  7. Arizona Association of Community Health Centers Native American Program - Provides information regarding Native American Health Issues in Arizona, especially in areas of advocacy, coalition building, education and support.
  8. Council of Indian Nations - Provides emergency relief and self-help programs to Native Americans living on the reservations of the Southwest.
  9. The Denver Indian Center - Support for the American Indian community of Metro Denver: case management, computer and employment training, Head Start. Board roster and program descriptions.
  10. Housing Authority of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma - Promotes Native efforts toward culturally-relevant, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing. Administration roster, program information, links.
  11. National Relief Charities - Provides program services that benefit Native Americans throughout the United States, including food distribution, housing renovations, medical assistance, infant/child/youth programs, elder assistance, and educational funding.
  12. NDNS4Wellness: American Indian Prevention Coalition - Based in Phoenix, Arizona with national membership. Works toward quality of life on and off reservations through a safe, healthy and drug-free lifestyle. Programs and services, membership form, links.
  13. Pathways to Spirit - Material assistance and cultural preservation of Native Americans on the reservations of South Dakota and the Front Range of Colorado from Denver to Wyoming. Newsletter, volunteer projects, links.
  14. Rez Aide - Food, clothing, and educational assistance to Elders and other Indians living on reservations and in urban communities. Donations welcome.
  15. Southwest Indian Relief Council - Provides emergency relief and self-help programs to Native Americans living on the reservations of the Southwest.
  16. Young Once Indian Forever - Support and family search assistance for Native American adoptees raised in non-native homes. Forum and links.

  1. American Indian Environmental Office - US Environmental Protection Agency list of Native American interest sites.
  2. The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources - A national organization pursuing local, regional, national, and international initiatives.
  3. The Desert Sage Foundation - A 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation dedicated to preserving traditional living skills and the indigenous cultures who still maintain their connection to the wilderness and their past.
  4. Dine CARE Citizens Against Ruining our Environment - Articles, news, and links from this all-Navajo environmental organization based within the Navajo homeland.
  5. Environmental Information Systems for Aboriginal Peoples - A communication tool for researching and providing information, case studies, and related environmental resources.
  6. First Nations Environmental Network - A circle of Canadian First Nations people working to protect and restore the balance of all life through traditional Indigenous values and the path of our ancestors.
  7. First Nations Protocol - Information for environmentalists who wish to relate to and understand Canadian Indigenous People's needs and positions.
  8. Honor the Earth - - a voice for the Earth...a voice for those who are not heard
  9. Inter-Tribal Environmental Council - Consortium of 34 Indian Tribes in Oklahoma serving Native American environmental needs. History, program, staff roster, current events.
  10. National Tribal Environmental Council - Dedicated to working with & assisting tribes in the protection & preservation of the reservation environment. Native Americans have traditionally spoken for the land, water & air.
  11. Native American Fish And Wildlife Society
  12. Native Americans and the Environment - Resources, articles and links from the American Indian Heritage Foundation.
  13. NECONA National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans - Working to keep nuclear waste off Indian lands.
  14. Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission - Assists treaty Indian tribes with biologically-sound fisheries and advocates for management issues. Newsletter, calendar, employment opportunities. Data, downloads, and links.
  15. Red Road - Preserving and protecting indigenous cultures and species through education and activism; also, Earth Connections program teaches "at risk" youth about ecology. Volunteer and employment positions, action items, links.
  16. Tribal Association on Solid Waste and Emergency Response - Grants programs, forum, conference announcments, job opportunities. Document downloads and links.
  17. Waste Management in Indian Country - The EPA official guidelines on implementing and managing waste programs, landfills. Publications, regulations, news, links.
  18. Working Together To Help Salmon - A non-profit educational group created in 1974 works with the Karuk to save the salmon.