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  • Bird, Jackie - Hoop dancer, musician, puppetier and story teller. Inspirational speaker, blues singer, and crafts person.
  • Boyd, Jim / Thunderwolf Records - Native American singer/songwriter's music, band Rez Bound, and recording company.
  • Broken Walls Ministries - Musical worship Native American style Christian performance group. Jonathan Maracle, Mohawk, from Tyendinaga Territory, Ontario fuses Aboriginal and Contemporary Rock styles of music.
  • Center Records - Native American, medicine man and spiritual leader, Joseph Flying Bye records ceremonial pipe songs and teachings for future generations. Recorded in Lakota/English these songs carry on the oral traditions.
  • GreatMoon.com - First Nations Portal with extensive, annotated links on Native American music and culture.
  • Indian House Favorite Links - Annotated links to Native American music sites and calendar of events.
  • Jackson, Tom - Musician and founder of the Huron Carole Benefit Series Tour, an annual concert raising money for local food banks across Canada.
  • Jerry Alfred & the Medicine Beat - A singer and storyteller keeping the music and language of the Northern Tutchone alive. Includes background, RealAudio clip, release details, and press.
  • Loma - Official site for the Anishinabe recording artist, TV host, writer, and producer. With profile, news, pictures, lyrics, show dates, and related links.
  • Michaels, Elan - Music, including sample clips by this musician whose Cherokee name is Windwalker.
  • Miller, Bill - Native American music albums, tour schedule, merchandise and biography.
  • Moody x Two - A young female duo recording and performing music that reflects their Cree heritage. With background, song samples, performance list, and pictures.
  • Native American Music and Art - Annotated list offered by University of Pittsburg
  • Native American Music Directory - Book review of this directory of Native American music recordings in print and available in record stores. Also reference to university research on subject.
  • Native American Music Links - Friendly reviews of a dozen sources of Native American recorded music.
  • Native American Music Resource - About sixty annotated links, mostly about Native American Music.
  • Native American Public Telecommunications - NAPT links to Native Media
  • Native Americans in Film and Television - Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
  • The Power of Kiowa Song - 21 annotated audio files of music from this American Indian tribe. Quicktime; long loads.
  • Spirit Rock Net - Spirit Rock Singers are an northern Ojibwe style pow-wow drum group who hail from 3 neighboring First Nations near Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.
  • Sweet Grass Records - Small record company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Native musicians represented include Buffy St. Marie, Red Bull, White Ridge and Stoney Park.
  • TallTree, Robert and Terri - Native American music, storytelling and culture
  • Thunderchief - Educator and musician whose programs and music promote the life values of respect, understanding, cultural sensitivity, and appreciation for diversity of all kinds. Native American music.
  • Turtle Vision - Native American Indian performance group specializing in cultural expression.
  • Windwalker, Jim - Native American musician writing contemporary music about the issues that face First Nations Peoples today and of past unresolved issues.

  • Flutes Amon Olorin Flutes - Contemporary Native American flutes by Ken Light, and flute workshops with R. Carlos Nakai. Flutes are handcrafted from western red cedar. PF Series, instrument grade ABS-resin flutes available. Catalog, tips and facts. Ancient Vision Flutes - Handcrafted Native American flutes made from western red cedar, with other woods available. Made for the serious flute collector. Bear Paw Flutes and Ocarinas - Designed and manufactured from recycled plastic to be ultra-durable. Beginners and advanced flute players. Also for use in the classroom and music specialty programs. Featuring an audio tape version of a lesson book, recorded with a Bear Paw Flute. Blue Star Spirit Flutes - Native American style flutes handcrafted from a variety of woods. BZed Contemporary Folk Instruments - Contemporary folk flutes created from a fusion of traditional Native design and contemporary style. Made of specially selected hardwoods. Also offers claves, shakers, rainsticks, and amandindas. Cedar Croft's - Handmade Native American style flutes, drums, rattles, smudge fans and accessories. Cedar Spirit Flutes - Hand-crafted Native American flutes with unique personalized totems. All custom work, online ordering. Chris ti Coom Flutes - Makers of Native American wooden flutes, penny whistles, shakers, and other musical instruments which are found worldwide. Custom work available. Clayzeness Whistleworks - Transverse flutes individually designed from porcelain with tablature and blowing instructions included. True interpretations of the Native style flute. Courting Flutes by Jim Taylor - Hand crafted Native American courting flutes, also known as love flutes or siyo tanka. Made from hard woods, like burl walnut, oak, or mahogany, and others are made from cedar, or pine. Coyote Oldman Flutes - Four styles of the Native American flutes offered. Carved traditional designs, a backpacking flute, and music is available. E. D. Powell, The Native American Flute - Flutes are handmade, plains style (Sioux) and accurate reproductions of existing museum pieces. Simple learn-to-play methods offering audio tapes. Eagle Song Flutes - Native American flutes and flute kits. Redwood and cedar woods with sound wavs. Online scales and fingering charts, books, history and Native American music. Flute makers links. Eagle Turtle Flutes - Hand made Native american six hole flutes. Available in a variety of woods, and choice of fetishes. Eagle Wind Mohawk - Handcrafted wood flutes made in Ontario from Canadian red cedar. Photos and descriptions included. Earth Tone Flutes - Native American flutes using primarily Eastern Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Redwood. Tuned to traditional minor scales, and a major scale flute is available. Sound samples to listen to. Echoes Past, the Art of Lee LaCroix - Handcrafted Native American flutes from exotic hardwoods. Commissioned custom work and crafting of one-of-a-kind flutes. A video on how to construct a personal flute, books and CDs. FluteSpirit - A selection of handcrafted Native American style flutes, and flute music. Fretwell Flutes - One of a kind Native American style flutes made from wood and cane. Heartsong Flutes - Concert and custom hand crafted Native American flutes, made from a variety of woods, by JP Gomez. High Spirits Flutes - Native American flutes handcrafted from cedar. Accessories, books, music, and recordings. Workshops and show schedules. Online catalog. Kandl's Kustom Flutes - Native American flutes made from exotic hardwoods. Fetish meanings, legends and myths, flute care, books and CDs offered here. Kokopelli Flutes - Hand crafted Native American flutes, tuned in traditional pentatonic scale. Kiowa love flutes and Apache double flutes in aromatic cedar, and other native woods. Books and music. Laughing Crow Flutes - Hand-crafted Lakota style Native American flutes. Large selection of woods available. CDs by the maker, free flute instructions on the site and show information. Lea Flutes - Native American concert quality flutes with adjustable sound window and a free heavy duty padded bag. Mahewah Flutes - Hand carved Native American flutes for collectors and professional flute players. Mohawk Arts - Contemporary Native American flutes by Kirk Ahsoquata, also silver and gold flutes available. Online plans, and Mp3's. Native Heart - Handcrafted, authentic Native American cedar Indian love flutes. tapes and CDs. Audio clips. Located in Orangeville, Utah. Oregon Flute Store - Offering Native American flutes by several makers, protective flute and drum cases, instruction books and videos. Custom orders. Orion's Gate - Hand crafted American Indian flutes featuring cedar flutes in major tunings, along with various other available woods. Raven Flutes - Hand crafted Native American style flutes in a variety of hard and soft woods and in many keys. Custom made to order. Running Deer Flutes - Handmade, custom flutes of Aromatic Red Cedar and other woods from around the world. Recorded flute music. Sampson Woodland Flutes - Handcrafted Native American flutes and accessories. Searching Bear Flutes - Handcrafted Native American style flutes by Michael Searching Bear Smallridge. A large variety including museum quality. Song of the Sea - Native American and Irish flutes by various makers. Choices vary by maker and woods and all are hand crafted. Large selection of books. Songbird Flutes - Native American style bamboo flutes by a new flute maker. Hand crafted, well tuned, and affordable. Spirit Horse Flutes - Handmade Native American Flutes. Reasonably priced. Spirit Wind Love Flutes - A variety of Native American flutes. Instruction book, recordings, and flute cases available. Pow Wow schedule. SpiritWinds - Native American style flutes by flutemakers from Australia, as well as the Outback Sax and other woodwind instruments. Starseed Creations - Native American style flutes handcrafted in the traditions of the Marten Clan of the Anishinabeg people. Small, circular wooden ocarinas, called Circle Flutes (tm) also available. Special choices of woods, beadwork, inlay work and carvings are available. Stellar Flutes - Handcrafted standard Native American style flutes made in all keys and woods. Includes a hand woven Guatemalan carrying case. Simple fingering chart, kits and sound samples. Storyteller Flutes - Hand carved Native American flutes. Made from various woods. Also a recording artist, Roy Peters has two CDs of relaxing sounds. Thunderbird Flutes - Handcrafted Native American style flutes from a variety of soft and hardwoods. Custom orders available made to your measurements. Timberwolf Instruments - Handcrafted Native American flutes in all keys and woods. Also offering Shakuhachi, and other types of flutes. Tsunami Flutes - Woodlands style, 5 hole Native American flutes, traditionally crafted. A variety of soft and hardwoods are used. 20 sizes available. Two Towers Flutes and Instruments - Native American flutes, handcrafted with cedar and hardwoods in many different shapes, sizes and musical keys. Photo gallery, song books and audio samples. Wajo Woodland Creations - Native American Woodland style flutes. Hand made using North American woods. Also, crafts and native reading. Warrior Wind Flutes - Flutes crafted from PolyVinylChloride. Virtually indestructable and affordable. Whirlwind Studios - Native owned gallery of Native American flutes. Several flute makers represented and exotic flutes are pictured here. Native American flute music, flute kits, art, and show schedule. Color brochure. White Crow Flutes - Native American Flutes, concert tuned in a 25 key range, as well as drone flutes. Whitepath Flutes - Hand crafted Native American style wood and bamboo flutes. All pieces signed and dated. Wild Wind Creations - Hand carved traditional Miqmaq Native American style flutes, using no power tools. Books, and original Native arts and crafts. William Gutierrez Flutes - Native American flutes crafted from red cedar and other exotic woods. Flute stands, and recorded music. Wind Spirit: Flutes - Native American style flutes from cedar. Flute sound page and walking stick flutes. Wind's Song Flutes - Native American style flutes tuned to traditional minor scales. Many keys and woods. Native American flute forum, workshops, and flute tips. Links for musicians, flutemakers, and hobbyists. Woodland Voices - Hand crafted Native American woodlands style flutes. Digitally tuned, guaranteed, and unique designs in a choice of keys and woods. American Indian Music and Dance Show - Well known Indian dance group under the direction of Tom Mauchahty-Ware. Teaches native american culture through dance and speaking. Located at Anadarko, OK. Bill 'Elk Whistle' Neal - Native American flutist, recording artist, storyteller, teacher and director of the Elk Whistle Ensemble. Neal, whose Native ancestry is Cherokee, plays the plains-style cedar flutes of the Lakota, Kiowa, and Comanche Nations and the river cane flutes of the Choctaw and Cherokee. Brian Hammill - A traditional Native American flutist and hoop dancer. With performance schedule, music, dance and booking information. Cedar Wind - Blending the music of the Native American flute with the mellow sound of alto and bass flutes to create a unique duet. With performance schedule and release information. Charles Littleleaf - Native American flutist, recording artist and flute maker, featuring music on CDs. Site also includes Littleleaf's profile, sound samples, interviews, and a link to his new creations in Native American flutes. Douglas Spotted Eagle - Native American flute player and performer. World renowned as a virtuoso performer on Native American flute and a preeminent composer of contemporary ethnic music. Golana - Melodies performed on Native American flutes accompanied by soft acoustic guitars, piano, and strings. Samples online. John Two-Hawks - A veteran Lakota musician and singer, who plays cedar flutes, ocarinas, drums, guitars, mandolins and even dulcimers. With performance schedule, CD information, pictures, and references. Kevin Locke - Known throughout the world as the pre-eminent player of the indigenous traditional Northern Plains flute, as well as an inspiring Hoop Dancer, storyteller, educator, and recording artist. Marina Raye - Native American flute music by Marina Raye, "The Feminine Voice of the Native Flute". Also, hand-crafted Native American flutes by Charlie Oakwind. Mary Youngblood - The Native American Flute comes alive in the hands of Mary Youngblood. Of Aleut and Seminole ancestry, she is one of the first Native women to record this sacred instrument. Osburn, Steve - Native American flute, contemporary, ambient, and mood music artist. MP3.com pages include background, songs for download and streaming, album purchasing, calendar, and links. R.Carlos Nakai - Native American flutist of the Navajo-Ute heritage. While Nakai may not have been "born to the flute," it was curiosity about his heritage that led him to it. Richard Burdick - Flutish playing the pipe love flute, the petroglyph love flute, and the standard love flute. With release information, instrument descriptions and pictures, and musician biography. Robert Tree Cody - Native American flutist, dancer, artist, educator and actor who has performed all over the world. A prize winning traditional dancer, Cody is well known on the pow wow circuit as a northern traditional dancer, master of ceremonies and arena director. Ronald Roybal - Native American music award nominee for "Best Native Flutist of the Year and Best Instrumental Album". Links to music and favorite Native American sites. Sonny Nevaquaya - Sonny brings the art and spirit of Native American Flute playing to a new level. Peaceful, inspirational images fill the air in the presence of this master flute builder and song maker. Troy De Roche - The traditional and spiritual nature of the flute through music and instruments by an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation. Two Shields - Traditional and original flute compositions, each with a story, inspired by a particular event and thought. Offers "Native Thoughts" CD of performances by Nino Reyos. Mirabal, Robert - Performer, songwriter, flutist, vocalist, drummer and author from the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, who strives to bridge the gap between traditional Native American values and contemporary American society. Lyn's Robert Mirabal Pages - Fan pages for musician, craftsman, poet and performer, Robert Mirabal. With picture galleries and links. MiraMania - Fan site about the Native American flautist and composer from the Taos Pueblo. With biography, photos, and an article. Rare Tribal Mob - A band made up of musicians Robert Mirabal, Reynaldo Lujan, Estevan Castillo, Michael Kott, and Robin Abeles Pfeffer. With biographies, tour dates, songs in RealAudio format, pictures, writings, and links. Robert Mirabal: Singing the Truth - Profile of the musician written by j. poet for Indian Artists magazine. Silver Wave Records: Robert Mirabal - Label artist page, with background, news, pictures, and discography. Warner Western: Robert Mirabal - Artist pages at Warner records, with profile, reviews, and discography as of 1999.

    Drummers & Singers

    Aglukark, Susan - An EMI Music Canada recording artist of Inuit background intertwining traditional Inuk chants with contemporary pop melodies. Includes profile, releases, audio and video clips, lyrics and news. All Native woman drum - All Native woman drum band from California Black Lodge Singers (Blackfeet) - The Black Lodge Singers (Blackfeet) are one of the premier northern style pow-wow drums. Winner of Group of the Year at the first NAMMY awards. Canyon Records Concerts - Upcoming performances of R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody, some with Paul Horn or William Eaton Cheyenne Women's Music - Everyday activities and the songs that go with them are the subjects of this unique view of contemporary Southern Cheyenne women's music. In addition to musical transcriptions and textual translations, the author provides the songs' history and the circumstances and backgrounds of the singer-composers, who shared the songs' meanings and the social settings in which they are used in the ongoing Cheyenne musical tradition. Leaving Everything Behind: The Songs and Memories of a Cheyenne Woman (Bertha Little Coyote) can also be found on this site. Dakota Tamakoce Singers - Drum group offering a large collection of Dakota songs on the Web. Also includes complete pow wow listings for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota. Din Nation Jr's Homepage - Northern Style Pow-Wow singing group consisting of young men varying in age from 17 and up that live in Tuba City, Arizona, on the western portion of the Navajo Nation. Donald Ahdunko - Traditional recordings of Native American music. Gayle Hanson-Johnson, Timbisha Shoshone/Paiute Singer - Gayle preserves Shoshone music for her people, carrying out her father's tradition and her people before her. Iron River Singers - Drum Group from Massachusetts. Calendar of performances (mostly in New England), audio clips and online items for sale. Joanne Shenandoah - Wolf Clan member of the Iroquois Confederacy - Oneida Nation. Her original compositions combined with a striking voice enables her to embellish the ancient songs of the Iroquois using a blend of traditional and contemporary instrumentation. Johnny Curtis - A Christian evangelist of Apache heritage who has spent the past two decades spreading the Good News to people of all races. His collection of music captures his style of singing, songwriting and skills as a guitarist that has made Johnny Curtis a favorite throughout the US and Canada. Kanata Native Culture Society - Kanata is a Mohawk word meaning "Village" or "Community" and it stands for keeping American Native Arts and Traditions Alive. This society is a non-Profit organization and its mandate is sovereignty through the arts". The Society has been in operation for four years. Kau-Ta-Noh Jr's Native American singing group - Traditional group made up of Lumbee, Coharie, and Tuscarora men performing in North Carolina and elsewhere. Calendar online. Keith Mahone, Bird Songs of the Hualapai - Keith Mahone sings a variety of traditional Hualapai songs including bird dance songs, salt songs, circle and ghost dance songs. Originally learned from the Mohave people in the early 1900's, bird songs have become an important part of Hualapai culture. Knifewing - Using traditional elements in his music, Knifewing includes the Native American flute, traditional bells, rattles, and one of the country's largest traditional drums among his repertoire. The combining of these sounds converge a blend of the soothing aspects of Nature's rhythms with lyrics only one deeply connected with his roots and the roots of all people could be capable of creating. Little Thunderbird Singers - An All-Girls Powwow Drum Group in Indian Country from Nelson House First Nations Reserve in Manitoba, Canada. These singers are rapidly becoming very popular across the pow-wow circuit in Canada and the United States for their unique singing style and sound. Pawnee Yellow Horse, Drum Group - Pawnee Yellow Horse thunders southern drum style songs in the Pawnee language in their high quality studio recording "Spirit of the Plains". The group follows the Pawnee musical tradition of honoring the sacred sound of thunder with low, rumbling voices and varying drum beats. Phillip Charles - Phillip Charles "Yogie" Bread, Kiowa and Cherokee, is nationally as well as internationally known for his involvement in promoting American Indian Culture, traditions, heritage and customs, while sharing in his tradition of Native American music. Ravens' Lodge - Raven's Moon stylized Indian art. Christmas CD soundbytes from "A Native Nativity". Bagpipe player for hire. Music for sale and a color catalog. The Redhouse Family, Traditional Singers and Dancers - Their recordings brings together the diverse creativity of each in a gathering of this family's many composing and performing talents. Roubedeaux Singers - Southern plains style intertribal drum group for PowWows, specializing in gourd, flag, veteran, and intertribal songs. With list of singers in group and contact information. Sharon Burch, Native American Singer/Songwriter - Sharon Burch (Navajo) sings original folk songs in Navajo and English that were influenced by the Navajo prayers and chants she heard her relatives sing while growing up. Her first album, "Yazzie Girl", focuses on the importance of the maternal relationship to the Din and she has recently released her second album entitled, "Touch the Sweet Earth". Shouting Mountain - Polyculteral, "alter-Native" music performers who tour nationally and perform at schools and American Indian events. Six Nations Women Singers - A collection of traditional social songs from the Seneca, Onondaga and Cayuga Nations. Southern Thunder Singers - A southern style Native American powwow, drum group from Oklahoma. Offers calendar of past and upcoming performances in southwest U.S. StrongHeart Singers - Native American Singers and Powwow Drum - StrongHeart Singers. Native American music tapes of powwows, drummers drumming, etiquette women singers. Sunhawk Singers, Native Drum Group - Drumming group signing Intertribal Pow Wow songs in the Southern Style. Also, many free item links to children's sites, games, veteran information, native culture, and events. CDs of native drums and flutes available. Thunder Bird Sisters - Traditional Shinnecock Native American singers. Offers pictures and information about their music. Treetown, Drum Group - Traditional Native American drum group of the Great Lakes region, living in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area of South Eastern Michigan. A group of young men, living their lives in a traditional manner and respecting the ways of the drum. Ulali, First Nations Women Acapella Trio - Ulali features Pura F, Soni and Jennifer. Founded in 1987, Ulali is the first Native women's group to create their own sound from their strong traditional roots and personal contemporary styles. Known for their unusual harmonies and wide vocal and musical range, Ulali's sound encompasses an array of indigenous music including Southeast choral singing and pre-Columbian music. Walela - Walela is the Cherokee word for Hummingbird and the symbol of inspiration for this family of women singers. They are Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla Coolidge, and Priscilla's daughter Laura Satterfield, together disperse the energy and spirit which has brought them to this juncture in their lives. White Horse - The Morgan Awasis Project - Official site, with details on the Pow Wow recording featuring eight world championship singers. MP3s and wallpaper downloads also available. White Oak Singers - The White Oak Singers are a traditional Northern Style Pow Wow Group. The group consists of family relations and friends. Located in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. WhiteFish Bay Singers - The WhiteFish Bay Singers offer singing and drumming in the Anishinabeg tradition. The WFB singers have traveled all over North America. They have also been host drum for many powwows and gatherings. Yellow Jacket, Drum Group - Yellow Jacket represents the Southern Ute, Ponca, Otoe, Cheyenne and Navajo Nations, with members in Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Yellow Jacket's pow wow heavily, so you have a good chance to hear them live. Big Mountain Round Up - Native American dancers offer a variety of entertaining performances as well as educational programs and lectures. Also trickroper, Bonny West. Native American Pow-wow Drum Group - American Indian Drum from the Crow "Apsaalooke" Reservation of Montana. Pow-wow music. The Northern Shadow Dancers - A first nations dance troupe from Northern British Columbia. These representatives of native culture have performed in Europe. Ohwejagehka - Hadegaenage, Iroquois Language and Songs - Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage has been established to preserve and nurture the Iroquoian languages, songs and dances and is a non-profit organization based on the Six Nations of the Grand River community. Red Earth Dances - Site sponsored by Powersource, a definition page on the dance "styles" of Native America. The Fire This Time - Features music mp3, photos and writings which explore the connections between Black and Native American cultures. Includes "Reggae on the Reservation" and tributes to Black Bolivian and aboriginal peoples. The Hawk Project - The Hawk Project is about promoting spiritual awareness and creativity through a blend of Native American music, jazz and free improvisation. LittleDeer Music and Seminars - Singer-songwriter, and speaker, whose "Earth Mother" CD also includes traditional Cherokee songs. Native Roots - Albuquerque based group dedicated to the sound and spirit of reggae music, with a taste of blues from a Native American and international perspective. Wind Walker - Spiritually inspiring and uplifting alternative healing music from elan michaels. This official site includes MPEG3 and MIDI samples as well as photographs of the composer. The Wind Walker CD and MP3s features the flute of Walden Whitham. The Story Teller - True-life stories of Native Americans aired on radio and presented on the internet in Real Audio. Hosted by Indianlife.org.

    Native Rock

    The Atoll - Fort Collins, Colorado band. Includes bio, promo, photo, info, tour schedule, CD release info, and everything about this band that you need to know. World groove, reggae and rock. December Wind - Performance group of Mohawk men. Describes their philosophy and music. Knifewing Productions, Inc. - 100% Native American owned and operated. This Native American group blends traditional Native American music with a contemporary flair. The members of Knifewing are all accomplished artists and examples of their crafts can be viewed here. LaRae Wiley, Native Musician - Biographical information, photos, and tour dates for Colville Confederated Tribes/Lakes member LaRae Wiley. Also offers some MP3 downloads. Medicine Dream - Take the drum journey, feel the earth, free the spirit and honor your ancestors as you travel with the rhythms of Medicine Dream's Native drum. NADJIWAN - A contemporary First Nations pop/rock project. With biography, news, upcoming shows, pictures, release information, and links. Native Hip Hop - Native Americans in the culture of Hip Hop. Emcees, taggers, dj's, and b-boys of native decent are featured here. Columns, interviews and links are also featured here as well. PeaceMaker - Heavy techno Pow Wow/Indian rock band described as "Rage meets The Prodigy." With news, background, MP3s, pictures, show flyers, and links. Red Power Squad - Drug and alcohol free youth that record and perform music and facilitate workshops on a variety of issues like gang lifestyle, disfunctional families, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV and AIDS, life on the streets and rez. Red Thunder, Native American Rock - Red Thunder blazes a trail into the Indian rock territory, weaving Native American and modern sound into a colorful musical blanket.


    Allies Media Art - Open new markets for Native media and art, to produce high quality projects that entertain and educate, and to provide new opportunities for Native artists. Canyon Records Productions - Specializing in the production and distribution of traditional and contemporary Native American music, also in music from the new Southwest such as new age guitar and nouveau flamenco. Makoche - A music company inspired by ancient traditions. The music influenced by Native American culture; both traditional and contemporary. Oyate Music Group Recordings - Independent Native American music label,featuring contemporary and traditional native music and discussion groups. Sequoia Records - New age, native american, world, celtic, and drumming music. Sound Of America Records Distributors - Contemporary and traditional Native American music, Native American owned and operated. Wacipi Records Limited - Records and sells Native American music. Located in Long Plain First Nation, Canada. WithOut Rez Productions - Native owned and operated record label and mail order. Abundance Native American Flute Circle - An internet flute circle with lists of flute makers, and flute circles in the USA. Free native american graphics. International Flute Listserv - E-mail based listserv with specific instructions on how to "subscribe". This listserv is for people interested in talking about native american flutes. International Native American Flute Association - The mission of INAFA is to encourage the primary continuation of the traditional and contemporary Native American flute, along with identifying, collecting, restoring, maintaining, preserving, and classifying these instruments. A quarterly newsletter given with membership. Musical Instrument Makers Forum - An interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair, welcoming builders of all instruments at any skill level from beginner to expert. Scott Loomis's Native American Flute Forum - An information and forum page for Native American flute players, makers, and others interested in the flute. Yahoo Club Native Woodworking Forum - A private forum, for members only, on flute construction and related topics.

    Shopping For Music

    Arbor Records Ltd. - Aboriginal music label, featuring Pow Wow, contemporary, and hip hop music. Aspen Trading Post - Native American CDs and cassette tapes, including best selling flute selections. Proceeds from every purchase donated to environmental causes. Autumn's Child - Contemporary instrumental music, inspired by nature's beauty and Native American influences. Condor Records - World music with free audio samples. CDs and cassettes include Andean and Native American music. DustBowl Records - Featuring Oklahoma's acoustic folk and native roots music, The Farm Couple and Coyote Zen. Real Audio and secure ordering. Dynamic Music Store Native American Music - Many artists are featured here with vocals and instrumental. Online shopping cart. Earth Circles - American Indian music, traditional, children's, contemporary, flute, women's and compilations. Elaine Belsley Native American Flutist - Native American flute music by Elaine Belsley (Cherokee). CD flute recording of "New Beginnings / My Flute Journey". Four Winds Trading Company - Distributes a wide selection of traditional and contemporary native american music and books. Heartsong Flutes - Retailer for Native American music by JP Gomez, including flutes and drums. Indian House Records - Recordings of traditional American Indian music on CD and cassette. Matoska Trading Company - Native American music at discounted prices. Over 750 titles; pow wow, traditional, cermonial, peyote, and others. The Medicine Shield Bookstore - Native American Indian cultural, spiritual, and historical books and music. Native American Winds - Specializes in Native American music and accessories. Owlstar Trading Post - Variety of powwow, traditional, and contemporary tribal music and storytelling from Yufala Star Clan of the Muskogee Creek. Features major and independent labels. Samples online. Oyate Records - Native American music recording and production company. Paper Ships - Native American music, Native American ceremony tapes, and music collections. Planet Earth Music - New Age Music Store, including Native American music. Red Eagle Creations - Traditional and contemporary American Indian music such as healing, meditation, dance, and gourd pow-wow songs. Red Earth Records - Native American music online, CDs available, links, artists' biography with American Indian music. Redwood Productions - Native American music and stage to Charles Littleleaf. Retail music distributor. Wholesale accounts welcomed. Website design services also available. Side Canyon's Native Music - Native American music from the United States and Canada. Buy traditional and contemporary music from Indian Country: R. Carlos Nakai, Primeaux and Mike, Indigenous, Mary Youngblood. Smithsonian Folkways American Indian - Native American music distributor, offering a growing selection of traditional American Indian music. Sound of America Records - Traditional, Pow-Wow and Contemporary music. Sunshine Records - Includes aboriginal, pow wow, fiddle, and country music releases. Whirlwind Studios - Native American flute music, featuring two CD releases, "Footprints of our Ancestors" and the new release "Wind Messengers". Spiritually moving, with no synthesized music. WithOut Rez Productions Online - Native American owned and operated mail order catalog web site and record label. Listing over 1,400 Native music and book titles. Wolfsongs/Cherokee Productions - Native American music and products.