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American Indian Records on Microfilm - A Select Catalog of NARA Microfilm
Publications. http://www.nara.gov/publications/microfilm/amerindians/

Ancestry.com - the largest collection of family history data online. We add
new databases and reference materials to our library every day to provide
the web's fastest, simplest and most complete resource for family history

Bureau of Indian Affairs: Establishing American Indian Ancestry - How do I
begin the search for my ancestors? Where do I look for information?
Enrollment in a federally recognized tribe. What are the benefits &
services provided? Contacting a Tribal Entity.

Cherokee Messenger - So Your Grandmother Was a Cherokee Princess? - More
and more frequently, more and more people are discovering their Cherokee
ancestry. The first step is tracing your lineage. I have compiled
information here to help you get started. You will need access to a
genealogy library. Some church libraries also have these records. I hope you
find this information useful.

Cyndi's List of Geneology Sites on the Internet: Native American General
Resource Sites, History & Culture, Libraries, Archives & Museums,
Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat, People & Families, Professional
Researchers, Volunteers & Other Research Services, Publications,
Software & Supplies, Records: Census, Cemeteries, Land, Obituaries,
Personal, Taxes and Vital Societies & Groups, Specific Tribal or Nation
Resources, USGenWeb Project ~ Native Americans.

DOI, BIA, Native American Ancestry - Native American Ancestry: Ancestry,
Genealogical Research, Cherokee Ancestry.

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site - The online site of Family Tree Maker.
Find your ancestors in the 171 million-name FamilyFinder Index, use our
1200-page How-To Guide, message boards, and more!

Genealogical Research for Native Americans - Our staff in the Department of
Anthropology receive many inquiries on how to conduct genealogical research
on Native American ancestry. The following text has been compiled by our
staff to assist you in locating sources of information. Please note that the
Smithsonian Institution is not a source for genealogical research and has no
records relating to Indian census or Indian tribal rolls.

How to Find Native American Ancestry - Searching for information about a
Native American ancestor? You may find the following sources in the Special
Collections Department useful as you compile your research. The General
Sources include basic information on how to start your research as well as
descriptions of the types of records available. The Tribal Sources provide
information or records related to specific tribes.

Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet-Use the
resources above to trace your own roots and to find help in doing so.

Native American Family History: The Source Guidebook of American Genealogy
- Employment of sound research methodology, fine attention to detail with
complete and accurate recording of all relevant and associated data, and a
willingness to search for all possible data from a multiplicity of
information sources-these are the keys to successful Native American
genealogical research. The following sections provide numerous vital details
useful for identifying extant records, becoming familiar with the historical
and genealogical data included in those records, and accessing the specific
materials needed to further research endeavors. MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE "Next
Page" Button! Pages: 521-569. http://www.ancestry.com/home/source/src441.htm

Native American Genealogy - There are many unique problems encountered when
researching American Indian genealogy. The traditions, naming customs and
kinship systems varied widely among different tribes; and so, it is usually
necessary that the researcher become familiar with those that pertain to a
particular tribe. http://www.system.missouri.edu/shs/nativeam.html

Native American Genealogy - Osiyo - We now have pages up on Cherokee,
Choctaw, Lakota with lots more coming for Native American Genealogy. We are
hoping to build sites for all the different Indian Nations as time
progresses. http://hometown.aol.com/bbbenge/front.html

Native American Heritage: Genealogy, Tribal Membership & Dawes Roles - You
are about to embark on a journey of courage and discovery. For the thousands
upon thousands of people in the United States who have Indian blood,
"Tracing Your Native American Heritage" is a step-by-step guide to
connecting with that American Indian ancestry.

Native Genealogy Webring -
http://members.tripod.com/~kjunkutie/natvrng.htm" > Native Genealogy

The People's Paths - Genealogy Information Links - Links to Genealogy
Information Concerning Native American Indian Ancestry!

The USGenWeb Project - The USGenWeb Project. We are a group of volunteers
working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in
every county and every state of the United States.