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Genealogy - Tracing Your Native American Ancestry

Such a Proud Heritage!

Essentials of Indian Citizenship Tracing Your Indian Ancestors

How To Guide for Native Americans
As with any other family research, it is best to start with your 'known' parent and work back toward your descendent.

Genealogical Research for Native Americans
Encyclopedia Smithsonian

How do I trace my Indian ancestry?
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Center for American Indian Research and Education (CAIRE)
Their mission is to improve the status of Native people by promoting, developing, and evaluating culturally appropriate health, education, and social programs.

American Indian Culture Research Center
Find your ancestry information here

National Museum of the American Indian

Native American Ancestry Hunting Newsletter

Native American Indian Resources (NAIR)


The African - Native Genealogy Homepage - Celebrating the Estelusti, The Freedmen, Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations. Blue Wolf's Abenaki Indian Home Page - Abenaki tribal heritage, with many Abenaki links including other Native American sites and genealogy. Cherokee by Blood - Tennessee GenWeb site for people searching for their Cherokee roots. Cherokee Genealogy Page - A Cherokee genealogy site meant to be a starting point for anyone searching their Cherokee roots. Cherokee National Historical Society - A private non-profit corporation designed to preserve the history and culture of the Cherokee people - past, present, and future. Dawes and Guion Miller Rolls - The complete Dawes and Guion Miller Rolls on CD. This is the final rolls for Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek tribes. Dr. Robert Ward, American Indian Law Scientist - The purpose of this page is to entice Native Indians and Volunteers from other cultures, into becoming involved in research and writing concerning matters of which are effecting the Native American Indian Nations, Tribes, and Bands. Gvhnagei Wahya Niqua...A Continuing Story - These pages are dedicated with the deepest respect for all American Indians. Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet - List of possible research sites to find your ancestors. Native American orientation. Index to the Final Rolls - Index of the Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, 1889-1914. Additional lists and links to Native American genealogy resources. Lumbee Homestead - Genealogy of families of Lumbee ancestry who emigrated from Virginia in the 1600s and eventually settled in Covington County, Alabama. Message board and family trees. Surnames include Jordan, Hammond or Hammons, Jackson, Simmons, Carroll. NA/Iroquois Pages-Genealogy - Native American genealogy sources. National Archives and Records Administration - Serves as the NARA's on-line information system. A good place for people to go who want to research American Indians. Native American Cemetery Readers - Genealogy Database. Native American Genealogical Research and Publishing Company - Offering Native American, non-Native American, and Civil War genealogical research materials. Guion Miller application transcriptions. Native American Genealogy - We now have pages up on Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota with lots more coming for Native American Genealogy. We are hoping to build sites for all the different Indian Nations as time progresses. Since there is such a great interest in Cherokee families and I have done a lot of work on those lines I thought that we would try something different and add some files. The first of them was Nancy Wards so Sequoyah is next. Native American Genealogy - This site is a guide to researching your Indian ancestry and contains a large amount of links. Native American Genealogy Resources - By Leona Halley Henderson, provides links to genealogy resources for Native Americans. Native American Heritage: Indian Genealogy - Free Native American Heritage Multimedia VidBook describes Indian genealogy from tribal membership to Dawes Rolls to benefits. Filled with 25 pages of informative text, illustrative photos and streaming video. Native American Indian History Pages - A site of inexhaustible resources, links, historical figures and facts, including languages. Native Genealogy Webring - Native American Indian Genealogy Resources with thousands of web links. Noah's American Indian Genealogy Resources - Helpful hints in researching your genealogy and thousands of links to Genealogy Sites on the Internet to help you in your search. Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory - Homepage - Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory Southeast Missouri Office Cape Girardeau County, Missouri For over 200 years Missouri, Arkansas, and other areas west of the Mississippi river have been home for thousands of the "Lost Cherokees". O.N.E. (Original Nations of the East) - We are many People from different tribes all across the U.S. and Canada. Saponitown: Descendants of the Fort Christanna Indians - Tracing Eastern Siouan ancestors, also called Eastern Blackfoot, who originated in the NC/VA area, including Occoneechi, Monacan, Eno, Tutelo, and Saponi. Historical information and forum for sharing research. Sarah Robertson, Cherokee - A descendant sharing and searching for information. Sweetness' Wickiup: Native American Genealogy - Genealogy of Bolster, Davis, Petmecky and Pensoneau lines. Links to Native American and genealogy rings. Tears in the Sand - Tribal historians and descendants tell their story. Thompson-Choctaw Indian Descendants Association - History of family association for the descendants of Margaret McCoy-Thompson among the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian and Texas Band of Choctaw Indians, tribal history, and ancestor list. Twin Territories - Oklahoma-Indian Territory Project. Waabnong Kwe's Den - Share the healing path of an Ojibway/Cherokee Grandmother who has experienced many abuses and now wishes to share her last days with and by teaching others. Wichita and Caddo Nation, Oklahoma Territory GenWeb - Official USGenWeb and OKGenWeb site for the Wichita and Caddo Nations of Oklahoma Territory. Particular emphasis on the years 1867-1902, during the reservation period under the Wichita Agency. Wolfs Den - Dedicated to all American Indian Peoples inside the Ironhouses that are growing in leaps and bounds across the lands. We are one of their links to Spiritual Freedom.

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