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Amazon. Komodo Dragon : On Location by Kathy Darling, and Tara Darling (Photographer). "This mother and daughter team succeeds once again in creating a thoughtfully written, strikingly photographed wildlife book."

Eight large, expandable images from the Ft. Worth Zoo. See Amanda Baugh's WhoZoo report on the Komodo. The zoo wrote to me recently that "both lizards are doing well and are growing into impressive animals"

Amazon. Komodo, the Living Dragon: The Living Dragon by Richard, Dick and Judy Lutz.

Reviewed by Brian Jones for the Chicago Herpetological Society.

Adrian Warren's excellent Komodo Dragon Gallery. Eight pictures. Includes a wonderful page on Komodo and Rinca island, it's topography and people. Includes a photo of a man with a komodo scar.

Photos and text pertaining to Komodo dragon saliva. Scientists are looking to discover what makes Komodos immune to their bacterial saliva. From "Photo Stories by Jurgen Freund." The images are intriguing, but too small.

Six beautiful images, no text (asiafoto picture library).

Komodo dragon coloring book page. From the Friends of the National Zoo.

Web Archive: Nice images with text focusing on the park conditions.

Web Archive: Audubon Nature Institute Desktop Patterns, "Let your computer GO WILD!" Includes a great komodo picture.

Jerome Hamlin's "Wild Millennium Gallery" dozens of photos, not just of komodos.

Excellent multi-size images from Snap-Shot Wallpaper. They look to me, however, like they were taken at a zoo.



Amazon. Discovery Channel: Dragons of Komodo. Unreviewed so far.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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