Zoos with Komodos

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Seattle Area

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle. An excellent site. Starts with a gorgeous Flash show (plug-in required), followed by movies, photos, a quiz and tons of detailed and engaging text. After so much dross, it's great to see it!

"Rare and deadly Komodo dragon sets up lair at Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo" by Caroline Allen for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Friday, April 14, 2000).

Web Archive: "Dragons on the march" by Deborah Woolston for the Sun.

"Seattle zoo unveils two dragons" by Judi Hunt for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Wednesday, May 24, 2000)

National Zoo, Washington DC


"Pittsburgh zoo angling for rare Komodo dragon" by Anthony Breznican (Associated Press).

Honolulu Zoo. Excellent page, with clickable photos.

Kansas City Zoo. "KC says goodbye to the Komodo dragon."

Web Archive: "A Komodo comes to Pittsburgh" by Herb Ellerbrock for the Pittsburgh Herpetological Society. Information on Komodos. Images of the Pittsburgh Komodo (6'). See also details on their 1998 Komodo Dragon Conference in Thoiry, France. Summary of the proceedings by Dolly Ellerbrock.

Web Archive: Fort Worth Zoo has "Fujifilm Komodo Dragons"! Fujifilm is apparently content with a postage-stamp sized picture.

Brief description with images of Ft. Worth dragons by Amanda Baugh for WhoZoo, a student project at Texas Wesleyan University. See also eight large, expandable images.

The American Museum of Natural History. Short text, focusing on conservation.

Web Archive: Sedwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas. Brief summary of information.

Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta. Sahabat Satwa, "Friends of the Zoo." Some images.

Canadian Museum of Nature. Short.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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