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For Kids

Amazon. Komodo Dragon : On Location by Kathy Darling, and Tara Darling (Photographer). "This mother and daughter team succeeds once again in creating a thoughtfully written, strikingly photographed wildlife book."

Amazon. Komodo, the Living Dragon: The Living Dragon by Richard, Dick and Judy Lutz.

Enchanted learning. Brief overview with some useful hyperlinks.

Short page with photograph of a baby Komodo from the ThinkQuest Virtual Zoo.

By Kids

"Komodo Dragons" by Shiang-Huan (3rd grade). Text, excellent hand-drawn maps and a drawing.

"Did you know that Komodo dragons is not a dragon?" by Melissa M. and Tah C. (Ms. Zaa's 6th Grade Class, Helemano Elementary School)

Summary information from "Amazing Animals of the World," a school project by Sarah, Amanda, Jacob, and Trisha at St. Francis Intermediate School St. Francis, Minnesota. I like their bactrian camel page.

Web Archive: School Project page by Shaun Huxtible and Nathan Giles (Year 6 - Goollelal Primary School, Kingsley, Western Australia).

The Komodo Dragon by Tekla Abreha & Urban Reith II (early grade-school).

"A Day at the Zoo" entry on Komodos, by Jennifer Nale. Has ten short facts.

Rockburn Elementary School report. Contains an error, that the Komodo is endangered because "These animals are over-hunted by people."

Web Archive: Christian and Vincent, fourth graders from Woodland Elementary School, Lacey, Washington. Page by John Halse.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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