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It was hard to do, but here's my shot at the best flying squirrel sources, arbitrarily restricting myself to the top 5% of all listed sites. Sites that make the list are entitled to display this attractive and highly-coveted award! (Click here if you won the award.)

General Information

Flying squirrels in the backyard of Howard L Geere, with photos, audio and video. Great stuff. See also the broadband version. See the photos.

North American Flying Squirrels

Peg Halloran's Squirrel Almanac with pages on the Northern flying squirrel, Southern flying squirrel and other resources.

New World Flying Squirrels (Genus Glaucomys) info from Walker's online Mammals of the Worlds, by Ronald M. Nowak.

Animal Diversity Web (University of Michigan Dept. of Zoology) page about the Southern Flying Squirrel, with details on many aspects of the ecology and biology of the Glaucomys volans. This is a wonderful page, jam-packed with information. I particularly appreciate the many hyperlinked glossary entries. Ever wonder what viviparous or altricial means anyway? The ADW is written "largely by and for college students." This page was written by Michael Mulheisen and David L. Fox.

Asian and Other Flying Squirrels

Animal Diversity Web (University of Michigan Dept. of Zoology) page about the Siberian flying squirrel, with details of Geographic range, physical characteristics, food habits, reproduction, behavior, habitat and conservation information on the Pteromys volans. Written by Lauren Pascoe. Savor the hyperlinked glossary entries, but the information here is thin--not as much is know about this species!

Old World Flying Squirrels (genus pteromys) info from Walker's online Mammals of the Worlds, by Ronald M. Nowak. This genus has two species, one across Eurasia, one in Japan.

Photographs, Drawings and Video Links

Flying squirrel thumbnails from this site.

Mammals of Schichuan Province has dozens of drawings of resident squirrels.

Special Topics

List of squirrel species with scientific and common names, from Dennis Owca's Squirrel Place. The list would be more useful it if showed family relationships, instead of presenting a flat list. Has a good link list.

Academic is a web-based research tool for the glaucomys research community. Access to this page is granted only to those who are currently involved with glaucomy other forest related research. They do have a page of photos the general public, and also run, "coming" sometime in 2004.

Inspired by the Flying Squirrel

Amazon. "There's a Flying Squirrel in My Coffee: Overcoming Cancer With the Help of My Pet" by Bill Goss. One Amazon reviewer writes:

"I picked up this book because of my interest in flying squirrels and was pleasantly surprised by the inspiration it imparted. I was unable to put it down and read it while my flying squirrel, Chuck, tasted a page or two himself."
Website of author Bill Goss, the luckiest unlucky man alive.
Goss is the first person to track down my phone number in order to tell me how much he liked my website. He's quite an engaging guy, and I'm sure makes a great inspirational speaker.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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