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Should squirrels be pets?

Peg Halloran's Squirrel Almanac is strongly against having squirrels as pets. (Navigate to "Ask Dr. Peg" and "Do squirrels make good pets?")

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How to care for your flying squirrel

The Critter Collection talks about how one can effectively have Southern flying squirrel as a pet, "these gentle squirrels love to bond with their owner." Includes links to pages on caging, food and water, handling, pet potential, supplies and so forth. The main author, Curt Howard, claims "They do not get diseases of any type and have never been known to have rabies." The site has links for all who fans of pet "critters" (a.k.a. "small mammal enthusiasts"), even the address of the "American Domestic Skunk Association"!

My Pet Flying Squirrel with advice on legal, buying and care issues. Author unknown. Good content; annoying stupid JavaScript tricks.

Video slideshow of raising flying squirrels by Willie and Iris who live in North Pole, Alaska.


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