Academic is a web-based research tool for the glaucomys research community. Access to this page is granted only to those who are currently involved with glaucomy other forest related research. They do have a page of photos the general public, and also run, "coming" sometime in 2004. Top 5%

Grey Bruce Northern Flying Squirrel Research Project . Information and reports on the species and its importance in the "great scheme of things" from

PDF: "Sex and the Single Squirrel: A Genetic View of Forest Management in the Pacific Northwest" by Todd Wilson, on the distribution and genetics of flying squirrels, published by the Pacific Northwest Research Station. Disturbing finding: fragmented forest results in much reduced genetic variation.

Virginia northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) , presenting initial masters research by Jennifer M. Maness. Includes data on the ecology and habitat of this endangered subspecies, and a clickable 3-D location maps for West Virginia. From Michael P. Strager's course on Spatial Analysis for Resource Management at West Virginia University.

"Systematic Study of Flying Squirrels in Western and Eastern Trans-himalayas" by Fahong Yu, Charles Woods, and Yanping Peng. Reviews some classification issues. Is this a grant proposal?

"Distribution and genetics of flying squirrel populations in Ontario" by Jeff Bowman. Page from Includes information related to field sampling of the squirrels and DNA profiling.

"Landscape responses of the Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans) in northern Finland" thesis by Pasi Reunanen, Department of Biology, University of Oulu. Addresses landscape characteristics and their importance for the Flying Squirrel in Finland. Different hierarchical levels indicate ecological patterns from individuals at a home range level to local dynamic population and groups of populations at a large regional scale.

An article from Light-Science about squirrels with a paragraph dedicated to the flying squirrel.

Abstract: "Home-Range Size, Movements, and Nest-Site Use in the Sibertian Flying Squirrel, Pteromys Volans," by Ilpo Hanski, PaulStevens, Petri Ihalempiä and Vesa Selonen, in Journal of Mammalogy.

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