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Welcome to Hieroglyphics! A guide and web directory to Egyptian hieroglyphic, also called (correctly) hieroglyphs. Despite the exclamation point, this page is for all ages and includes academic as well as juvenile links. On this site you will find essays introducing Egyptian hieroglyphs, essays on Champollion and the Rosetta stone, dozens of on-line self-teaching programs, a half-dozen "translators," Hieroglyphic fonts, software, and so forth. All told, there are over 140 links, with more being added each day.

Who am I? In Egyptian Hieroglyphs I am an amateur and a hobbyist. Graduate level work in Greek, Latin and little Hittite has, however, given me a good purchase on some of the issues involved and I can spot most of the basic errors. I wrote this site because I wanted to bring together and evaluate all the material useful for the intelligent layman, whether he or she wanted to learn the Egyptian language or just find out more about it. As I am not "in the field," my academic links, mostly found in "Learning Hieroglyphics," are intended as a start only. The Kids section contains material suitable for children alone; stuff written for children, but suitable for adults, is scattered throughout the site.

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