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By Kids

Web Archive: Three student reports by 6th graders at the International School of Amsterdam (taught by Ms. Hos-McGrane). The reports, on Ancient Egypt, cover basically the same ground and have a paragraph or two on hieroglyphics. For 6th graders this is very impressive stuff. Also includes a very useful set of links.

For Kids Hieroglyphics. Highly-graphical presentation of some of the basics. Look great. Site also includes fonts, worksheets and more.

Amazon. Seeker of Knowledge : The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs by James Rumford. For 4-8th grade students.

Review in the School Library Journal by Adele Greenlee, May 2000. "Overall, an engaging introduction to a timeless topic."

Neferchichi's Tomb, a funny, strange kids site.

Hieroglyphic-themed Mad Lib, from Neferchichi's Tomb. Better Map Libs can be obtained at Houghton Mifflin's Wacky Web Tales.

The Rosetta Stone. Short text from "Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport" (Kids site)

"The Rosetta Stone" Information, quiz, coloring, etc. from the Cleveland Museum of Art, Pharaohs Exhibition. "Rosetta Stone" guides you.

Hieroglyphic Clip Art from Neferchichi's Tomb.

For Teachers

Lesson Plans on Egypt, from the funny, odd site, Neferchichi's Tomb.

Egyptian Symbols and Figures. Detailed, free lesson plan, sponsored by the NEH.

Fun with Hieroglyphs, by Ruth Goldfaden, a Detroit elementary school teacher. Detailed. Courtesy the Detroit Institute of Arts, which also has a Make Your Own Canopic Jars lesson. (Caution: Do not let children fill them with your own organs.)

Web Archive: Hieroglyphics Lesson Plan from TLC-Discovery Channel.

Pay site TeacherVision has a lesson "Hi" in Hieroglyphics. "Students explore a Web resource and translate names and common words from English into hieroglyphics, and vice versa." For K-2.

Write your Name in Hieroglyphics by Gwen Bouler and Kim Radden. "Students will study hieroglyphs then carve or mold their names phonetically in hieroglyph plaques." K-2.

Fun with Hieroglyphics, by Dianna Conley and Brandy Hall. For fourth-graders. Brief.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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Cleopatra on the Web. Comprehensive website on Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Includes 168 images.

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Ancient Astrology and Divination on the Web. Reliable (non-kooky) information on ancient (primarily Greco-Roman) astrology and divination.

The Complete Petra. Web directory and guide to the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan.

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