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Introductions to Hieroglyphics

Amazon. The Keys of Egypt by Lesley Adkins, Roy Adkins.

Anthony Sattin, "The writing is on the walls" for the Sunday Times, UK. Review of The Keys of Egypt and Edward William Lane's Description of Egypt.

Web Archive: British Museum: "Cracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment." Excellent introduction to the system, with rather less about decipherment per se.

The Language of Ancient Egypt by Jacques Kinnaer, from his enormous and high-quality Ancient Egypt Site. Mr. Kinnaer nicely straddles the academic and the popular, writing for the intelligent layman. His site includes a very comprehensive list of Egyptological sites.

Web Archive: "On Reading Egyptian." Introductory guide for adults by Tom Hare, Stanford University. Under construction.

"No prior knowledge of ancient Egyptian is assumed, no ambitious claim to comprehensiveness is implied. Our aim is not to cover the field, but merely to open a gate to it, taking advantage of the graphic environment of the WWW."
Includes an excellent explanation of Champollion's decipherment.

The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian by Kelley L. Ross, a philosophy professor at Los Angeles Valley College. Intensive scholarly investigation. See also his Index of Egyptian History.

Amazon. Egyptian Hieroglyphics by W. V. Davies (Reading the Past, Vol 6). This is a very entertaining series, full of photographs. This installment is particularly good, even including a chapter on "A Little Basic Grammar."

Royal Ontario Museum hieroglyphs page. Includes a translator (alphabetic transliteration) with an email feature.

Hieroglyphic Writing. Lucid explanations of the system, with beautiful gifs for the alphabetic characters. Includes a simple and elegant name translator. From Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt page. Also includes a hieroglyphic numbers page.

Hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt by Nicole Detter. A teacher explores hieroglyphics for herself and tells us about it.

James B. Calvert's brief essay on hieroglyphs. Text focused on the decipherment from a University of Denver Classicist (emeritus).

Web Archive: pocket-introduction to hieroglyphs.

Peter Sokoloski's Hieroglyphics page. Somewhat basic site, under construction. The opening graphic baffles me.

Mummies of Ancient Egypt by Anne Noakes. Includes a simple chart of heiroglyphs.

Discussion Groups

eGroups: Hieroglyphs. Large group, but postings are infrequent.

Web Archive: Ancient Egyptian Language Discussion List. Serious (though not necessarily super-advanced) students discuss the Egyptian language and engage in group translation projects. The homepage doubles as a fine web directory of resources for serious students.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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